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AWS Podcasts – Banter, Predicsis, Peak, Urban Massage, Contentful, Babbel, and Intel IoT

For my final batch of 2015 podcasts, I spoke with representatives of Banter, Predicsis, Peak, Urban Massage, Contentful, Babbel, and Intel IoT. As always, the “Episode” links go directly to the audio files. You can also find several subscription options on the AWS Podcast page.

Episode 127
For Episode 127, I interviewed Diego Villareal (CEO and Co-founder) of Banter!, a discovery platform app that provides real-time updates on nightlife options. In the podcast they discussed how to differentiate from competitors, strategies for building your app’s audience, and how Banter! has evolved since it launched on AWS.

Episode 128
For Episode 128, I interviewed Jean Louis Fuccellaro (CEO) and Bastien Murzeau (CTO) of Predicsis, a French-based startup. Predicsis offers businesses the opportunity to enhance customer performance through machine learning and big data. Listen as they discuss how the guys decided to tackle the problem of customer churn with machine learning and AWS.

Episode 129
For Episode 129, I interviewed Bertrand Lamarque (Director of Engineering) and Itamar Lesuisse (CEO) of Peak, a London-based startup bringing the latest advancements in brain training to mobile. Learn how Peak has changed since they started, and how they use data to make decisions about their product.

Episode 130
For Episode 130, I interviewed Giles Williams, co-founder and CTO of Urban Massage, a UK-based on-demand massage service app. We discused how Urban Massage is changing the online massage booking space, the company’s origins, how the business works, and how AWS powers their application behind the scenes.

Episode 131
For Episode 131, I interviewed Paolo Negri co-founder and CTO of Contentful, a Berlin-based startup that has their API first content management system running on AWS. Listen in as we discuss the API first development model, what’s next for Contentful, and advice for aspiring and would-be entrepreneurs.

Episode 132
For Episode 132, I interviewed Boris Diebold (EVP Engineering) and Christian Hillemeyer (Director PR) of Babbel, a language learning company running on AWS. Listen as they discuss how Babbel started, the pivot from their original idea, and how their company makes learning a new language fun, easy, and effective.

Episode 133
For Episode 133, I interviewed Rose Schooler, vice president of the Internet of Things Group and general manager of IoT Strategy and Technology Office at Intel Corporation. We discussed the current state of IoT, practical applications, and business benefits. Learn how IoT is solving real, tangible business problems, with specific use cases such as an IoT-connected rice farm! You can hear how Intel’s Internet of Things Group offers products and solutions to help IoT become a reality for customers in three areas:  things, network, and cloud.

Thanks Again
Wrapping up 2015, I would like to thank all of my guests, and all of my colleagues on the AWS Podcast team for their patience, hard work, support, and enthusiasm! We are working on our plans for 2016, so (as always) stay tuned for more!


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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