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DISA Authorizes AWS as First Commercial Cloud Approved for Sensitive Workloads

I am happy to be able to announce that AWS has achieved the first DoD Provisional Authorization under the DoD Cloud Security Model’s at security impact levels 3-5! AWS previously received a DoD Provisional Authorization for security impact levels 1-2. This new Authorization covers AWS GovCloud (US) and DoD customers can now move forward with their deployments of applications processing controlled and for official use only unclassified information. As part of the Level 3-5 Authorization, our partners and DoD customers will be able to implement a wide range of DoD requirements necessary to protect their data at these levels, including AWS Direct Connect routing to the DoD’s network, comprehensive computer network defense coverage, and Common Access Card (CAC) integration.

In March, AWS announced its compliance with security impact levels 1-2 for all AWS Regions in the US, demonstrating adherence to hundreds of controls. With this authorization, we have provided a means for DoD customers deploy applications at levels 3-5. DoD customers with prospective Level 3-5 applications should contact the ECSB to begin the deployment process.

With today’s announcement, DoD agencies can leverage the AWS Provisional Authorization for security impact levels 1-2 and AWS GovCloud.s Provisional Authorization at levels 3-5 to evaluate AWS for their unclassified applications and workloads, achieve their own authorizations to use AWS, and transition DoD workloads into the AWS environment. DoD components and federal contractors can immediately request DoD compliance support by submitting a FedRAMP/DoD Compliance Support Request and begin to moving through the authorization process to achieve a DoD ATO for Levels 1-5 with AWS.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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