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AWS Enterprise Strategy Blog 2018 Wrap-Up

Our enterprise strategy blog—like the rest of Amazon and AWS—is oriented around the expressed needs of our customers. We write about the issues and challenges facing the enterprises we meet with, and try our best to give them new ways of framing problems, of anticipating the future of IT, of thinking about the cloud and […]

Staying Inspired: A Conversation with Today’s Enterprise Cloud Leaders

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing highlights from my conversations with seven leaders around their perspectives on innovation at scale when it comes to people and organization. Our dialogues with these leaders, from both commercial enterprises and the public sector, explore how these individuals cultivate next level leaders, how they deal with failure, […]

The Power of Constraints

A constraint is a limitation that’s placed upon us. In this post we’ll look at three different types of constraints—time constraints, resource constraints, and guardrails—and explore how each of them can be used to drive innovation, speed, and efficiency. Using Time Constraints to Focus on the Things That Matter In their post on The Two-Week […]

Introducing FinOps—Excuse Me, DevSecFinBizOps

Who is accountable for managing the costs of a digital service? Enterprises are increasingly pushing accountability outward to cross-functional teams. There is an important reason for this: teams can make decisions and put them into action quickly, and speed is important. By putting a cross-functional group of people on the same team, the enterprise makes […]

Oil and Gas Companies Get Practical about Cloud Innovation to Digitally Transform

By Eddie Murray, Global Oil & Gas Leader, Amazon Web Services Introduction by Mark Schwartz, Enterprise Strategist, AWS As my colleague Miriam McLemore says, large enterprises have innovation in their DNA. There was something innovative they did that got them to be big enterprises in the first place, and probably many innovations along the way. […]

Database Freedom: Let’s Take Off Our Database Blinders—For Good

Live blog post from re:Invent 2018, Las Vegas For decades, enterprises have thought of data in terms of the relational database model. It is a brilliant model and has solved many of the data-handling problems of early IT. With a normalized database schema, we could reduce redundancy and bring out the relationships between data items […]

Designed for the Cloud

Live blog post from re:Invent 2018, Las Vegas One consistent theme in Werner Vogels’s keynote speech at re:Invent yesterday was that products designed for the cloud are very different from those designed for on-premises hardware. In the first waves of migration to the cloud and cloud-first delivery of new systems, it was natural for all […]