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AWS Enterprise Strategy Blog 2018 Wrap-Up

Our enterprise strategy blog—like the rest of Amazon and AWS—is oriented around the expressed needs of our customers. We write about the issues and challenges facing the enterprises we meet with, and try our best to give them new ways of framing problems, of anticipating the future of IT, of thinking about the cloud and digital transformation, and of applying what seem (provisionally) to be best practices. Our aim is to help our enterprise customers innovate and ensure that their business is sustainable (or “survivable”) through periods of digital disruption. In other words, we hope that we can help enterprise executives harness the power of the cloud and digital technology to grow, succeed, and better serve their customers and their missions.

Because our blog posts emerge from our interactions with customers, their chronological order doesn’t fully communicate the recurring themes we see. In this post I would like to summarize this year’s 75 posts, re-organizing them into topic areas.

We’d also like to wish all of our readers a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

Leadership (16)

Finance and Investment Management (18)

Transformation Strategy (24)

Security (5)

Industries and Case Studies (4)

Analytics and Big Data (3)

Training and Building Skills (4)

Miscellany (4)

You might also want to take a look at the books that have been published by the enterprise strategy team, which cover many of the issues of interest to leaders of enterprises undertaking digital transformations:

Thanks for reading our blog, happy holidays, and happy new year!


A Seat at the Table: IT Leadership in the Age of Agility
The Art of Business Value
War and Peace and IT: Business Leadership, Technology, and Success in the Digital Age (now available for pre-order!)

Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz is an Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services and the author of The Art of Business Value and A Seat at the Table: IT Leadership in the Age of Agility. Before joining AWS he was the CIO of US Citizenship and Immigration Service (part of the Department of Homeland Security), CIO of Intrax, and CEO of Auctiva. He has an MBA from Wharton, a BS in Computer Science from Yale, and an MA in Philosophy from Yale.