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Accelerating time to value with composable commerce solutions and accelerators in AWS Marketplace

The ecommerce industry is undergoing a profound transformation, propelled by new technological waves. Composable commerce architectures that use microservices, APIs, cloud-native SaaS, and a headless structure—collectively known as MACH—offer greater business agility compared to traditional monolithic architectures. For retailers and consumer goods companies, MACH is one of the most impactful driving forces behind this transformation.

Helping to advance the paradigm shift to MACH is the MACH Alliance. With over a hundred members, this group of innovative companies is redefining the way retailers and brands approach ecommerce. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a member of the MACH Alliance since January 2022, and is proud to support this movement with over 70% of MACH Alliance members running their solutions on AWS.

Greater agility is possible with composable solutions

Composable commerce allows retailers and consumer goods brands to select and integrate the most suitable components for their specific needs. This modular approach enables greater agility so that companies can quickly adapt to evolving market trends and consumer demands. Moreover, composable commerce solutions are cost-effective as retailers and consumer goods brands can choose the components they need and scale them independently.

However, the adoption of composable commerce also introduces new challenges. Integration complexity is one of the primary concerns, as multiple components from different vendors need to work seamlessly together. This requires careful planning, robust APIs, and a skilled technical team to manage the integration process effectively, which has led to longer than expected implementation cycles. Additionally, procurement complexity arises when retailers and consumer goods organizations now need to negotiate and contract with multiple parties instead of a single legacy provider. These are two critical pain points that we’re hearing from our customers.

Partners and accelerators unlock the benefits of composable commerce

To address these challenges, at AWS we’re working closely with our industry-leading technology partners and key systems integrators, such as Publicis Sapient, Grid Dynamics, Kin + Carta, Mindcurv, and many others, to launch composable commerce technology accelerators powered by AWS to simplify and accelerate the integration process. These accelerators on AWS help retailers select, implement, deploy, and manage a modern composable ecommerce technology stack faster and at scale. They include a wide range of pre-built connectors, templates, and best practices, enabling the industry to quickly and efficiently integrate various components of composable commerce solutions.

AWS Marketplace is the one-stop shop for MACH accelerators and solutions

Furthermore, to streamline the contracting process, these accelerators are now available in AWS MarketplacePublicis Sapient, Grid Dynamics, and Kin+Carta. An increasing number of MACH Alliance members are also listing their solutions in AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace offers a centralized platform where retailers and consumer goods brands can discover, procure, and deploy software solutions with ease. It simplifies the procurement process, provides access to flexible pricing options, and offers a unified billing and governance model. Impressively, 30% of MACH Alliance members have solutions listed in AWS Marketplace, making it easier and quicker for retailers and consumer goods brands to adopt composable commerce.

The combination of accelerators from systems integrators and the accessibility of AWS Marketplace, helps retailers overcome the challenges associated with composable commerce. Ultimately, this allows retailers and brands to accelerate their time to value.

The future of retail is composable

If you’re not convinced yet, join AWS in New York at the MACH THREE. The MACH Alliance’s composable commerce conference, MACH THREE, is an event dedicated to consumer brands and retail leaders considering re-platforming to a composable technology stack.

  • Meet our AWS Retail and Consumer Goods team and our leading technology and consulting partners who have deep experience and expertise in all things composable commerce
  • Gain invaluable insights from industry pioneers representing leading brands like IKEA, Ulta Beauty, H&M, and Mattel
  • Supercharge your composable journey and break free from legacy retail systems with AWS and AWS Partners in MACH
  • Attend for free, if you’re a business leader (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs), tech leader (Chief Architects, Heads of Commerce, Digital, CX, Omnichannel, Transformation, UX) or practitioner (DevOps, Cloud Architects, Data Experts, Marketing Professionals)

MACH THREE Welcome Reception hosted by AWS & Cloudinary

Sunday, June 16, 6–8 PM at the Liberty Bistro, 225 Liberty St, New York
Kick off MACH THREE in style with delicious cocktails and canapes at Liberty Bistro, overlooking the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River.

MACH THREE Conference

Monday, June 17 – Tuesday, June 18 at Convene, 225 Liberty Street, New York
The MACH THREE is an executive thought leadership forum for modern composable commerce technologies.

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Great MACH runs on AWS

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Marco Kormann Rodrigues

Marco Kormann Rodrigues

Marco Kormann Rodrigues is the EMEA Retail Partner Solution Lead at AWS. In his role he recruits, develops and markets partner solutions to the retail industry. Prior to joining AWS, Marco spent years as a consultant implementing SAP for CPG brands and retailers, and more recently analytics SaaS product development for retailers. He holds a BSc in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and an MSc in Information Systems Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Renata Melnyk

Renata Melnyk

Renata Melnyk leads global AWS Retail and Consumer Goods Industries Partner Marketing. In this role, she helps AWS industry business leaders and industry-specialized partners jointly plan, build, and run strategic go-to-market initiatives at a global scale. Renata's AWS experience spans over a decade of working across core business areas, including AWS Global Public Sector, AWS Startups, AWS Partner Network, and AWS Partner Marketing organizations.