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How Annalect Super-Charged Cross-Company Collaboration with Data Mesh

How Annalect Super-Charged Cross-Company Collaboration with Data Mesh

Generative AI, large language models (LLMs), and an ever-increasing emphasis on the value of data, has enterprises worldwide scrambling to optimize their data architecture and assets. This is in anticipation of a never-before-seen demand. Many organizations have solely focused on pulling all their data assets into one place with little consideration of the support required […]

Advertising Week New York 2023’s key generative AI takeaways

Advertising Week New York 2023’s key generative AI takeaways

With an ability to create new content and ideas like never before, generative artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the widespread attention and imagination across the advertising and marketing industry. In fact, by the close of 2025, less than two and a half years from now, three of every ten outbound marketing messages from enterprises will […]

re:Invent: A guide for advertising and marketing professionals

AWS Advertising and Marketing planning guide for re:Invent 2023

Each year, thousands of attendees from around the world come to Las Vegas for Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent. The AWS event offers an expansive array of presentations, panel discussions, hands-on learning sessions, networking opportunities, and more. To help attendees navigate relevant sessions and events, the AWS for Advertising & Marketing (AMT) team has created […]

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Connecting Google Analytics data in AWS Clean Rooms

Businesses across industries increasingly want to complement their first-party data with partners in order to generate more insights for use cases such as creating a more complete view of their customers, optimizing marketing and advertising campaigns, and improving reporting and measurement. At the same time, these companies want to protect their underlying data and are […]

Building a privacy-first contextual-intelligence solution for advertising on AWS

Introduction Advertisers and ad publishers have traditionally relied on third-party cookies, device identifiers, and enriched data from data-management platforms to deliver personalized experiences based on user preferences. With the deprecation of third-party cookies planned for early 2024, changes in device identifiers, and more stringent privacy laws (such as the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and […]

Introducing Amazon Marketing Cloud Uploader from AWS

First-party signals are key to a brand’s advertising efforts, yet they become powerful only when they are translated into informative and actionable insights. However, processing and preparing data can often be a manual and time-consuming task for brands that want to upload that data into various platforms. Customers often look to Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]

Introducing AWS for Advertising & Marketing: Helping customers reinvent the industry with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners

Advertising and marketing technology is experiencing unprecedented disruption and transformation. For example, exponential growth in media consumption creates infrastructure challenges for companies to handle tens of millions of requests per second at single-digit millisecond latency. Companies across the industry need mechanisms to collaborate and interoperate across advertising and marketing platforms, but also want to protect […]

GroceryShop 2022: 10 takeaways

This year’s GroceryShop was one of the best to date. This event has become “the” grocery industry event of the year and is a must-attend event for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. There were excellent senior leadership speakers. Relevant, targeted content. A focused and lively presentation approach. A space for start-ups and new industry […]

view your CDP as one piece of hte C360 puzzle

5 Steps to Successful CDP Adoption for Advertisers and Marketers

Customer data platforms (CDPs) have become a widely adopted tool by marketers. And it’s no surprise, with its promise of unified customer data in an accessible and regularly updated solution, it meets many of today’s marketing and advertising needs including improving the customer experience by powering personalization at scale. The CDP feeds data from various […]

Deploying a Privacy-Safe Data Clean Room on AWS with Snowflake

The deprecation of device identifiers and third-party cookies has accelerated the need for advertisers, data providers, and media companies to collaborate directly as they seek to understand customers, plan media campaigns, and analyze path-to-purchase. At the same time, privacy regulations, consumer trust, and intellectual property protection are driving the need for increased data security and governance […]