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How to manage IoT device certificate rotation using AWS IoT

Introduction The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming business operations and customer experiences across a variety of industries. This unlimited opportunity enables business transformation, but if not implemented correctly, it also brings security, risk, and privacy concerns, compromising your data and brand. In industrial facilities, OT (Operational Technology) environments are leveraging more IT solutions to improve […]

Ensure Secure Communication with AWS IoT Core Using the Certificate Vending Machine Reference Application

X.509 certificates are used to ensure secure communication between IoT devices and AWS IoT Core. Devices use these certificates to connect to AWS IoT Core using TLS mutual authentication. AWS IoT Core uses TLS mutual authentication to encrypt data as it moves between AWS IoT Core and other devices or other AWS services. A X.509 certificate […]

Using Device Time to Validate AWS IoT Server Certificates

AWS IoT Core supports a wide variety of clients, including browsers running applications built using the AWS IoT Device SDK for JavaScript, smartphones running applications built on the AWS Mobile SDKs, and embedded applications built with the AWS IoT Device SDKs. Each of these environments has different capabilities; some have more memory or faster CPUs […]