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Announcing Mitigation Actions for AWS IoT Device Defender

There’s a new way for you to act on information discovered by AWS IoT Device Defender audits. Now you can create mitigation actions for audit results that automate a response to alerts from an audit. AWS IoT Device Defender customers often say that it’s invaluable for how AWS gives them visibility into potential malicious device […]

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AWS re:Inforce June 25-26 2019

Your guide to AWS IoT at re:Inforce 2019

The first-ever re:Inforce is almost here! As you plan your agenda, we don’t want you to miss any IoT sessions. These sessions will help you better understand the best practices and technology to prepare for, detect, contain, eradicate, and respond to potential threats to your IoT devices, connections, and data. To protect users, devices, and […]

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Automating Security Remediation Using AWS IoT Device Defender

An IoT solution requires managing a large number of devices, usually hundreds of thousands or millions. When you start to work at a large scale, you need to keep your fleet protected by continuously checking if it is following security best practices. It can be challenging for organizations to audit all devices and automatically remediate […]

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Getting started with AWS IoT Device Defender

Your fleet of IoT devices has diverse capabilities, is long lived, and is geographically distributed. These characteristics coupled with the growing number of connected devices raise questions about how to address security risks. Many devices have limited compute ability, memory, and storage capabilities, which restrict opportunities for security. Despite existing protections like device identity management […]

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Use AWS IoT Device Defender to detect statistical anomalies and to visualize your device security metrics

AWS IoT Device Defender supports your efforts to secure your IoT device fleet. AWS IoT Device Defender Detect establishes a baseline behavior for IoT devices and then identifies devices that do not conform as anomalous. AWS IoT Device Defender Detect operates on security profiles, which are applied to the entire device fleet, or to a […]

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Detect anomalies on connected devices using AWS IoT Device Defender

We often see security breaches depicted in media and popular culture. In the HBO series Silicon Valley, a compromised refrigerator is used by hacker Gilfoyle to run a malicious piece of software. The reality of connected devices isn’t very different from this fictitious scenario. The compromised refrigerator can send consumer data to unauthorized endpoints. Connected […]

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