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Introducing advanced segmentation in Amazon Pinpoint

Today, Amazon Pinpoint announced the launch of several new segmentation capabilities for Amazon Pinpoint. Amazon Pinpoint now provides customers additional filters to perform more granular segmentation. You can increase the level of campaign and message personalization by being able to reach more specific audiences.

Today’s end users require consistent and personalized experiences across channels such as email, SMS, and push. On average, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when their user experience is impersonal1. The ability to target a specific audience is a fundamental step to delivering personalized experiences. However, marketers struggle to target the right audience due to technical barriers such as the need for query language to segment groups. This is particularly resonant for organizations with a large pool of customer information. For these teams, understanding and targeting an audience based on preferences and behavior often extends to manual workarounds such as using spreadsheets.

With more data at their disposal, marketers want the ability to filter by user attributes in terms of metrics and time so they can send the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

Amazon Pinpoint now provides comparative and time-based filters, unlocking more use cases for targeting and retargeting. These filters allow you, for example, to define a segment of mobile users between the ages of 18 and 24 that joined after October 24, 2020 with a lifetime value of more than $500. For marketers, being able to create defined segments such as this helps them increase user engagement by allowing them to tailor the right messaging and campaigns to specific sub-groups based on their characteristics.

When creating a segment, you will now have access to more segmentation filters including greater than, less than, between, before, and after. You can combine filters and create specific segments directly on the Pinpoint console or the CLI to build targeted and relevant campaigns that increase user engagement and marketing efficiency.

Amazon Pinpoint now provides the following filters to help you define and target the specific audience you would like to reach in your marketing campaigns:

  • Comparative filters: greater than, less than, equals, greater than or equals, less than or equals — a certain value

  • Matching filters: is, is not, contains — a certain string or text

  • Date filters: before, after, between, on — a certain date

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