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How to peer an AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces orchestrated AWS Transit Gateway to your existing enterprise AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces helps customers incrementally refactor applications while shielding end users from the changes of infrastructure and using the strangler fig pattern. This enables customers to refactor their legacy applications into a series of microservices while continuing to operate the existing application in production. Refactor Spaces achieves this by orchestrating a number […]

Deep Dive on an AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces Environment

Refactor Spaces, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Hub feature, eliminates the undifferentiated work of building and operating AWS infrastructure for incremental application refactoring (typically to microservices using the strangler fig pattern).  Building and operating this infrastructure also becomes more complex when making use of multiple AWS accounts (a best practice). While Refactor Spaces saves […]

Accelerate Modernization using AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces and AWS Proton

Refactoring legacy applications and infrastructure can be daunting. From navigating legacy codebase, identifying domains to decompose, where to start, what patterns to adopt, teams can quickly find themselves paralyzed even before they start. AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces is the new starting point for incremental app refactor that makes it easy to manage the refactoring […]