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Reduce software licensing costs with an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Reduce software licensing costs with an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Whether you’re building a business case or planning your cloud migration, understanding your actual compute needs and software licensing entitlements is crucial early in your migration journey. These insights help you formulate a robust and well-informed cloud migration plan. They also help you achieve significant savings on your Windows, VMware, and Oracle workloads compared to […]

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Accelerated Transformation: Streamline Application Modernization During Migration

Introduction Application modernization involves discovery, analysis, extraction, containerization and deployment of an application migrated to AWS. The AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) simplifies and expedites your migration to AWS by automatically converting your source servers from physical, virtual, or other cloud infrastructure to run natively on AWS. In this post, I use post-launch actions […]

Announcing The AWS Well-Architected Migration Lens

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of the AWS Well-Architected Migration Lens White Paper and the Migration Lens in the Lens Catalog in the AWS Well-Architected Tool (AWS WA Tool). The Migration Lens extends the AWS Well-Architected Framework to include best practices and implementation guidance that you can apply to your migration program […]

From Planning to Execution – Harnessing AWS Migration Hub Journeys to Accelerate Migrations and Modernization

Cloud migrations and modernization are a lengthy, intricate, and continually evolving processes. Despite this, McKinsey studies indicate that customers are increasing cloud budgets and the number of applications that they plan to migrate. One of the primary complexities of migration and modernization projects are that collaboration with stakeholders can be cumbersome, relying on random ad-hoc […]

What’s new in AWS Observability at re:Invent 2023

What’s new in AWS Observability at re:Invent 2023

Let’s recap the week at AWS re:Invent 2023 with a round-up of the AWS Observability launches across Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Managed Grafana, and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus. From automatic instrumentation and operation of applications in CloudWatch, to agentless scraping of Prometheus metrics in Managed Service for Prometheus, read on to learn about the features […]

Four APM features to elevate your observability experience

Four APM features to elevate your observability experience

Application performance monitoring (or APM) is the practice of taking key application performance indicators to ensure system availability, improve system performance, and improve the end-user experience. This week we announced Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals, a new set of features built-in to Amazon CloudWatch to help you speed up troubleshooting, reduce application disruptions, and operational costs, […]

AWS Audit Manager launches AWS Best Practices Framework for Generative AI

The rapid growth of generative AI brings promising new innovation, and at the same time raises new challenges. At AWS, we are committed to developing AI responsibly while enabling customers to provide assurance regarding the security of their environment to regulators and auditors. AWS Audit Manager announces the first version of AWS best practices framework for generative AI […]

Expand the depth of Well-Architected Reviews with the new Lens Catalog Feature

The AWS Well-Architected Tool (WA Tool) helps you define and review workloads based on the latest AWS architectural best practices. This allows you to consistently identify areas of strength and improvement in your workloads. During a Well-Architected review, you answer questions to evaluate your architecture and receive an improvement plan detailing any high or medium […]

How to record resource configuration changes periodically with AWS Config

AWS Config is a service that tracks configuration changes of AWS resources in your AWS account or across your AWS Organizations. AWS Config uses the configuration recorder to detect changes of your resources and track them as configuration items (CIs). Given the increasing complexity of cloud infrastructure, the number of resource configuration changes being made […]

Audit and visualize ephemeral EC2 instances using AWS CloudTrail Lake as a zero-ETL data source in Amazon Athena

Today, we are happy to announce that AWS CloudTrail Lake data is now available for zero-ETL analysis in Amazon Athena. AWS CloudTrail Lake is a managed data lake for capturing, storing, accessing, and analyzing user and API activity on AWS for audit, security, and compliance purposes. CloudTrail Lake allows you to easily aggregate activity logs […]