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Reduce code duplication in load testing and synthetic monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics

Load testing is an integral step in the quality assurance phase of a software development lifecycle, that offers you confidence about the performance of your workload before it is deployed to production. Once that workload moves to production, you monitor its health using synthetic monitoring. Load testing and synthetic monitoring typically test the same application […]

Use Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for general analysis of Apache logs

Customers build, deploy, and maintain millions of web applications on AWS and many customers deploy these applications using the Apache web application server. Web application performance is a key metric in modern enterprise applications. On AWS customers leverage Amazon CloudWatch to monitor response times, uptime, and provide SLAs. Engineering teams that run large scale applications […]

Gain operational insights for NVIDIA GPU workloads using Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights

As machine learning models grow more advanced, they require extensive computing power to train efficiently. Many organizations are turning to GPU-accelerated Kubernetes clusters for both model training and online inference. However, properly monitoring GPU usage is critical for machine learning engineers and cluster administrators to understand model performance and to optimize infrastructure utilization. Without visibility […]

Automate CloudWatch Dashboard creation for your AWS Elemental Mediapackage and AWS Elemental Medialive

Introduction Monitoring the health and performance of your media services is critical to ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your customers. Amazon CloudWatch provides powerful monitoring capabilities for Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. Setting up comprehensive dashboards can be a time-consuming process, especially for organizations managing large number of resources across multiple regions. The Automatic CloudWatch […]

Ten Ways to Improve Your AWS Operations

Introduction When I take my car in for service for a simple oil change, the technician often reads off a litany of other services my car needs that I had put off since the previous service (and maybe the service before that, too). I tend to wait for the “check engine” light to come on […]

How SLAs, SLOs, and SLIs interact

Improve application reliability with effective SLOs

At AWS, we consider reliability as a capability of services to withstand major disruptions within acceptable degradation parameters and to recover within an acceptable timeframe. Service reliability goes beyond traditional disciplines, such as availability and performance, to achieve its goal. Components of a system or application will eventually fail over time. Like our CTO Werner Vogels […]

Alarm Context Tool Architecture Diagram

Respond to CloudWatch Alarms with Amazon Bedrock Insights

Overview When operating complex, distributed systems in the cloud, quickly identifying the root cause of issues and resolving incidents can be a daunting task. Troubleshooting often involves sifting through metrics, logs, and traces from multiple AWS services, making it challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem. So how can you streamline this process […]

Monitor Java apps running on Tomcat server with Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals (Preview)

Traditionally, Java web applications are packaged into Web Application Resource (WAR) files, which can be deployed on any Servlet/JSP container like Tomcat server. These applications often operate within distributed environments, involving multiple interconnected components such as databases, external APIs, and caching layers. Monitoring the performance and health of Java web applications can be challenging due […]

Troubleshooting AWS Glue ETL Jobs using Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights enhanced queries

Troubleshooting AWS Glue ETL Jobs using Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights enhanced queries

Introduction In the realm of data integration and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, organizations often face challenges in ensuring efficiency and performance of the ETL jobs. Monitoring the efficiency of ETL jobs becomes crucial in maintaining seamless data workflows. This is where Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights comes into play, offering powerful log analytics to unearth […]

Testing and debugging Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics canary locally

Introduction Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics canaries are scripts that monitor your endpoints and APIs by simulating the actions of a user. These canaries run on a schedule, check the availability and latency of your applications, and alert you when there are issues. Canary scripts are written in Node.js and Python, and they run inside an AWS […]