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Empowering Manufacturing Innovation: How AI & GenAI Centers of Excellence can drive Modernization

Introduction Technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and Generative AI (GenAI) unlock a new era of efficient and sustainable manufacturing while empowering the workforce. Areas where AI can be applied in manufacturing include predictive maintenance, defect detection, supply chain visibility, demand forecasting, product design, and many more. Benefits include improving uptime and […]

Why a Cloud Operating Model?

A thought leadership blog highlighting an “innovative approach” to Cloud Operations excellence and Well-Architected goals. This blog walks you through MuleSoft carrying out this new approach including their: Challenge Innovation Journey Implementation of the Cloud Operating Model Challenge Whether companies are migrating to the cloud, or cloud-native, executives are faced with controlling costs and continuous […]

Transitioning from Migration to Modernization on the Cloud

Introduction Migrating to cloud is the first step in modernizing the IT landscape. By completing the migration, the enterprise is laying the foundation for a more modern, agile, and secure IT environment. However, in many organizations, the initial momentum built during migration often slows down and leads to a stall. The true potential of cloud […]

Organizational culture for Cloud Adoption

Maximize Cloud Adoption Benefits with a Well-Architected Organizational Culture

Organizational culture, often described as the “personality” of an organization, determines how people work, interact, and respond to change and challenges. There is strong recognition, supported by evidence, that an organization’s culture is a powerful determinant of transformation success. Culture’s impact is magnified in cloud transformation, where the cloud’s extraordinary capabilities are limited only by […]

Leveraging the Power of AWS to Increase Market Share

Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you the tools and capabilities to digitally innovate and transform your business. We offer several programs like Digital Innovation, Migration Acceleration Program, and Skills Guild to help you bring business ideas to market faster. This blog describes how customers can leverage AWS to transform their organization, accelerate time-to-market, and realize […]