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Leveraging the Power of AWS to Increase Market Share

Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you the tools and capabilities to digitally innovate and transform your business. We offer several programs like Digital Innovation, Migration Acceleration Program, and Skills Guild to help you bring business ideas to market faster.

This blog describes how customers can leverage AWS to transform their organization, accelerate time-to-market, and realize the massive value of the cloud.

Enterprises that are first to enter unsaturated market segments gain a competitive advantage and significant profit margins. In a competitive market, getting innovative products that delight customers to market rapidly allows enterprises to see a faster return on investment and an agile response to market changes than competitors. Enterprises are transforming their organizations and increasing cloud adoption to accelerate time-to-market and realize the massive value of the cloud.

As Adam Selipsky highlighted at AWS re:Invent 2021 Keynote, “There is something bigger at play. It’s the opportunity to transform truly. Despite everything we’ve done over the past fifteen years, we’re only getting started on this transformation promise. The cloud is an opportunity to reimagine everything and provides a pathway to true transformation.”

Accelerate time-to-market through AWS Digital Innovation Program

Getting products to market at a rapid pace requires organizations to experiement and fail fast.

The AWS Digital Innovation Program introduces business leaders to Amazon’s peculiar, customer-centric approach to innovation. By working backward from their end customer, organizations learn to bring business ideas to market faster through Amazon’s innovation mechanisms.

Enable transformation using Experience Based-Accelerators

AWS developed a methodology called Experience-Based Acceleration (EBA) to help customers accelerate their journey to AWS. This transformation methodology uses hands-on, agile, and immersive interactions to build cloud capabilities. Through EBA, customers accelerate business value by removing friction points, building cross-functional teams, and enabling two-way door decisions.

Accelerate cloud migration and modernization using outcome-driven methodologies

Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive cloud migration program that helps customers accelerate their cloud journey. Through MAP, customers can free up IT resources by migrating significant parts of their application portfolio at the start of their cloud journey.

Elizabeth Moon, Director of AWS Solution Architecture and Customer Success, said, “We are on a mission to be earth’s most customer-centric company. As pathfinders, we help customers quickly realize value through migrations and modernization of their applications. Our acceleration programs have enabled customers to create new business models that drive innovation.”

Enterprises are maximizing the value of the cloud by building modern applications. They can innovate faster and accelerate time-to-market by moving beyond a”lift and shift” approach. This acceleration comes from building applications with modular architectural patterns, serverless operational models, and agile developer processes. This kind of modernization is a team-by-team and workload-by-workload journey. AWS recommends four ways to start modernization: moving to managed container services, building serverless applications, modernizing data infrastructure with microservices architecture, and deploying with DevOps. Customers can use managed tools, such as AWS Mainframe Modernization (Preview), to fast-track the modernization of Mainframe workloads by providing infrastructure and software for migrating, modernizing, and executing mainframe applications.

Enable Culture Transformation by Adopting a Builder-First Mindset

Modernizing core business processes for new growth segments requires transforming people, processes, and legacy IT environments. AWS Skills Guild enables enterprises to accelerate cloud adoption, build in-house skills and innovative learning culture, and scale their cloud fluency across the organization. Furthermore, enterprises can utilize AWS Learning Needs Analysis, a self-assessment tool for organizations to determine their unique training goals.

Improve Business Outcomes through Cloud Financial Management

The advantages of the cloud extend beyond IT and impact earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization across all industries. Whether enterprises are cloud-native or just starting their migration journey, AWS has a set of solutions to manage and optimize spending. Cloud Financial Management with AWS helps customers organize and track cost and usage data, enhance the control of billing and access permission, enable better planning through budgeting and forecasts, and lower costs with resources and pricing optimizations. Additionally, AWS Budgets lets you set custom budgets to track your expense and usage from the simplest to the most complex use cases.


This post covers some AWS programs that help customers accelerate their cloud journey. We recommend the following to help accelerate time-to-market and quickly realize the value of the cloud:

  • Shift to an operating model optimized for innovation. You can use AWS Digital Innovation Program to learn more about Amazon’s Culture of Innovation and bring ideas to market faster.
  • Enable change within your organization. Leverage AWS’ Experience Based Acceleration (EBA) methodology to address challenging blockers to cloud adoption and migration. For more details on EBA, see blog posts under the Experience-Based Acceleration tag on the AWS blog website.
  • Free up IT resources by migrating significant parts of your application portfolio at the start of your journey. The Migration Acceleration Program provides you with the experience and best practices to ensure your migration leads to solid business outcomes.
  • Build new applications and retire legacy solutions. See Strategy for modernizing applications in the AWS cloud for prescriptive guidance. Additionally, explore AWS Mainframe Modernization to migrate your on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS.
  • Build cloud fluency across your organization. You can use AWS Skills Guild and Learning Needs Analysis to build cloud skills and innovative learning culture.
  • Transform your business by managing and optimizing spend. Explore Cloud Financial Management and AWS Budgets to learn more.

Contact AWS Sales to get started with transforming your business.


Kailey Steele

Kailey Steele is a Customer Solutions Manager with Amazon Web Services. Kailey helps customers realize sustained business value by accelerating their digital transformation. As an AWS builder, she works with large enterprises to design and rapidly execute strategic migrations to the cloud and build modern, cloud native solutions.


Priti is a Customer Solutions Leader at Amazon Web Services accelerating profitable growth through cloud transformation across industries. She is an award winning leader consistently recognized for delivering cloud solutions through strategic advisory and innovation while leading high performing teams.