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Assess secure Windows Servers for TCO analysis using Migration Evaluator

Summary In this blog post, we explore an approach that leverages Windows operating system tools to extract critical metric data directly from Windows Servers. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we offer the Migration Evaluator agentless collector and AWS Application Discovery Service to facilitate workload discovery. However, some customers run highly secure workloads where deploying assessment tools, enabling […]

Accelerate testing with AWS Mainframe Modernization Application Testing

During the modernization of mainframe applications, testing is the most important and time-consuming phase. AWS Mainframe Modernization Application Testing is an AWS cloud-native service generally available and designed to reduce testing time and cost at scale. In this blog post, we will describe the testing approach, its benefits and show an Application Testing walkthrough. Mainframe […]

Resiliency Journey : exploring how AWS Resilience Hub and Migration Acceleration Program come together

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the cloud has become the backbone of innovation, scalability, and efficiency for businesses worldwide. As customers embark on their cloud migration journeys, whether the migration has been motivated by the intention of accelerating innovation, reducing operational and infrastructure costs, or exiting your on-prem datacenter, migrating to the cloud presents […]

Project management in a cloud first world

Introduction In this blog, you will learn how to choose the right project management methodology to accelerate cloud transformations. According to the Harvard Business Review, over 70% of digital transformations fail. One of the reasons is the lack of proper governance leading to poor cross-functional alignment. To avoid this common pitfall, organizations must choose a […]

How to engage application teams during a cloud migration

Engaging effectively with application teams is key in scaling out your cloud migration initiative. Some application teams want minimal involvement in the migration process. Others view it as opportunity to enable their engineers and learn by doing. In this post, I discuss the pros and cons and suitability criteria of three engagement models. Deliver (“do-for” […]

Securely administer servers migrated with AWS Application Migration Service using AWS Systems Manager Session Manager

Securely administer servers migrated with AWS Application Migration Service using AWS Systems Manager Session Manager

Introduction In this blog post, we will illustrate how to automate the configuration necessary to manage migrated servers with improved security and reduced costs. To administer servers in an on-premises environment, administrators often use secure shell (SSH) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect. After migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), this may not be […]

Unlocking Mainframe Modernization for Success: Best practices to accelerate the mainframe to cloud journey

First introduced in the mid-20th century, mainframe systems continue to be the backbone of many enterprises relying on these systems for mission-critical applications. In fact, it is estimated that at least 71% of Fortune 500 companies use mainframe systems. Globally, 90% of credit card transactions happen on mainframe systems. According to IBM, USD 7.7 trillion […]

Featured Image: Create a data-driven Migration Business Case using AWS Cloud Value Framework

Create a data-driven Migration Business Case using AWS Cloud Value Framework

AWS customers realize more than a 5:1 ratio of benefits to investment costs over five years with breakeven on their investment occurring in an average of 10 months (source: “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services”, an IDC whitepaper). This blog aims to help Information Technology (IT) teams calculate this value using the tools needed […]

How SMBs can deploy a multi-account environment quickly using AWS Organizations and AWS CloudFormation StackSets

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) need to operate with high availability and mitigate security risks while keeping costs low. An AWS multi-account environment with workload isolation, robust access control, cost visualization, and integrated security mechanisms can help SMBs build a platform to support growth. SMBs want to deploy a multi-account environment on AWS quickly and […]

Delivering Business Value with Cloud Platform Teams

Imagine a world where software developers build applications quickly on the cloud, focusing on innovative features, unburdened by complex infrastructure and intricate configurations. Welcome to the era of the cloud platform team. Cloud platform teams build internal tools, automation, and self-service infrastructure to free developers from commodity tasks and enable them to innovate faster. However, […]