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EKoSystem Day SF & NYC – Video Replay

Arun, Abby, Brent and I all had the opportunity over the last two months to emcee the two AWS EKoSystem Days, in San Francisco and New York. These events brought together the launch of Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, EKS (San Francisco), and the four-year anniversary of Kubernetes’ release and three years of its general availability (New York). Each event featured ten-minute talks in rapid succession from AWS partners who support Amazon EKS.

In San Francisco, Arun and I started off by celebrating the launch of Amazon EKS, followed by talks from partners HashiCorp, Tigera, Aqua Security, MapR, Weaveworks, Twistlock, CloudBees, SumoLogic, Trend Micro, and Datadog. If you’d like to watch the full event, here’s the complete YouTube playlist:

Jeff Thorne’s talk about Trend Micro stole the show by illustrating – with humor – how you can protect your containers using Trend Micro’s latest deep security product: it even works to help secure your Pascal prepared statements!

Jon Benson from Hashicorp gave a fantastic demo of cluster bring-up combined with deploying a pod, service, and namespace, all using Terraform. Amit Gupta and Karthik Prabhakar from Tigera demonstrated how to use Calico on EKS to isolate your network traffic inside the cluster.

At the New York edition, we were joined by SUSE, JFrog, Alcide, Splunk, CloudHealth, SignalFX, Spotinst, Portworx, and Docker. It’s amazing to see how far Kubernetes has come: it now has almost 40,000 stars on Github, over 1700 contributors, and is getting close to 70,000 commits. If you’d like to watch the full event, here’s the complete YouTube playlist:

It was also great to see Dan Kohn, the Executive Director at the CNCF, on stage discussing how the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Kubernetes community as a whole work, and where to go to get started. Specifically, places like to learn about software, and the community repository at, where all the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can be found, and the largest Kubernetes event, KubeCon and CloudNativeCon North America 2018, which will take place in Seattle this December.

Among other highlights of the New York event, Steve George from Weaveworks talked about GitOps, an operating model for using Git as a source of truth to drive operations.

Thanks again to all the partners who came out to both events and gave us all a quick preview of how to run their tools on Amazon EKS!

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Chris Hein

Chris Hein

Chris Hein is a Sr. Developer Advocate for Kubernetes/EKS at Amazon Web Services. Before Amazon, Chris worked for a number of large and small companies like GoPro, Sproutling, & Mattel. Read More from Chris here and follow him at @christopherhein