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On the Road, Again: A New Approach to Understanding the Patient Journey Through the Healthcare System

Guest Post by Natasha Udpa and Nick Friedman, Product Strategy Leadership, Komodo Health In the 10 years since the HITECH Act spurred the healthcare industry to digitize data, and with the ensuing explosion of patient data, the healthcare industry has been looking for more data-driven approaches to understanding the patient experience. The trillions of data […]

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BuzzFeed Keeps Scoops and National Security Secrets Secure with Amazon’s KMS

BuzzFeed launched in 2006 with the intention of focusing exclusively on viral content from around the web. But its daily traffic and ambition quickly led the site to set its goals higher. In 2011, BuzzFeed launched its own news division, hiring investigative journalists, breaking news, and publishing deeply reported articles alongside more traditional news outlets. Over 200 million monthly visitors click on BuzzFeed for an array of content, from serious news to lists that will make you LOL.

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Renovo Helps Autonomous Vehicle Companies Manage Their Mountains of Data

While data is extremely important in all technology industries, this importance is perhaps taken to another level with autonomous driving. Autonomous vehicles, for example, will generate roughly four to five terabytes of data an hour, meaning a fleet of 2,000 cars will generate more data a day than Facebook. That’s per Chris Heiser, Co-Founder and CEO of Renovo, a startup built to help companies process these new streams of data.

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