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Ten must-attend re:Invent sessions for Fintech startups

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There is a ton to be excited for at this year’s re:Invent! If you haven’t already, be sure to register here. To help you plan, I’ve put together my top 10 sessions for Fintech that you don’t want to miss.

1. Making the right hiring decisions to build impactful products

In this breakout session, you’ll learn from Ali Heron, CTO of Petal, a financial inclusion Fintech startup, about how she doubled the size of Petal’s product, engineering, and analytics teams in just under a year with scalable hiring practices for quick decision-making and driving impact for customers.

2. Combating fraud with identity verification AI workflows

Tune in with our Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention team during this Chalk Talk to learn how AWS can help you automate and streamline identity verification and fraud detection for risk management and customer onboarding, including know your customer (KYC)/know your business (KYB) and anti-money laundering (AML) with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

3. How Coinbase rapidly builds and scales their NFT marketplace with AWS

In this Chalk Talk, you’ll learn how Coinbase uses the latest innovations on AWS to scale and maximize compute power in the dynamic world of Web3 for their new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace business.

4. Serverless order fulfillment with Stripe and AWS (sponsored by Stripe)

Hear from Stripe in this Lightning Talk about how you can use their webhooks with Serverless on AWS services such as AWS Lambda to handle key events in your payment workflow and scale your solution.

5. Build human-like customer experiences with conversational AI

Start building fully automated human-like chat experiences for your customers in this workshop using conversational AI with Amazon Lex, Amazon Kendra, and the Amazon Chime SDK.

6. Deploying egress traffic controls in production environments

In this breakout session, you’ll join Robinhood’s engineering team to learn how they implemented AWS Network Firewall to manage network traffic, block threats, and detect anomalous activity on workloads that process sensitive financial data.

7. Identify improper payments with analytics and ML

Learn best practices from this builders’ session on how to build a strong solution to identify improper payments with advanced analytics, ML, and deep learning techniques.

8. Patterns for obtaining insights from sustainability data

In this Chalk Talk, discover how AWS Data Exchange makes it easier for you to find, subscribe to, and use the data needed to support your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies and how to successfully integrate them with AWS architectures.

9. Analyzing use cases and running applications on quantum computers

Tune in to this Chalk Talk to see how the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab and Goldman Sachs collaborated to deliver a successful quantum computing project by estimating resource use, optimizing computational strategy, and analyzing results.

10. Fintech Networking Reception

As you unwind from a day of re:Invent sessions, join leaders from fellow Fintech startups, financial services enterprises, and the AWS Fintech sales team for a drink (or two!) to network and discuss partnership opportunities.

A few other sessions worth checking out

1. Habits to reduce your cloud costs

Managing costs is a critical topic for startups. Check out this breakout session to learn how you can better optimize your cloud spend and get the most out of AWS.

2. AWS Impact Accelerator: Being the megaphone

Earlier this year, we launched the AWS Impact Accelerator to support underrepresented founders who are building the future. Join this breakout session to hear from program participants and VP of AWS for Startups, Howard Wright, to learn how to lift up and shine a light on the next generation of entrepreneurs.

3. Cloud strategies for equity valuation and investor readiness

In this breakout session, learn how cloud strategy plays into equity valuations and how AWS can help you stay market and investor ready.

See you there!

Hope you’re as excited for this lineup as much as I am! re:Invent is a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders and catch up on all of the topics you’ve wanted to dive deeper into. Be sure to stop by the AWS Startup Loft booth and meet our startup specialists.

Want to know more?

You can find more details on our re:Invent startups page.

Phoebe Chen

Phoebe Chen

As Senior Fintech Business Development Manager focused on Global Growth Strategy at AWS, Phoebe supports startups of all stages to grow on AWS, build partnerships with the broader ecosystem, and accelerate time to market. Currently based in New York City, she spent the first 7 years of her career in Japan, Singapore, and her home country – Taiwan. Phoebe's background is a combination of traditional financial services and fintech startups, running consulting projects for digital banking and leading tech sales strategy to large asset management companies and sell-side firms. Outside of work, she volunteers as a student advisor at BUILT BY GIRLS as well as university clubs.