Amazon Chime SDK

Embed intelligent real-time communication capabilities into your applications

Improve fidelity and understand sentiment of your communication sessions using AWS machine learning.

Innovate faster by using communication building blocks, freeing up builder resources to deliver unique customer value.

Secure your customer communications and easily scale up or down to meet demand.

How it works

With the Amazon Chime SDK, builders can easily add real-time voice, video, and messaging powered by machine learning into their applications.
Amazon Chime SDK - How it Works
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Use cases

Enable telemedicine

Connect medical professionals and patients over chat and video for remote consultations during out-patient or in-facility care, by embedding real-time communication in your medical and health applications.

Enhance remote learning experience

Deliver high-quality audio, video, and screenshare in your e-learning applications, enabling educators to explain complex concepts and reaching more remote learners without compromising on the quality of education.

Create virtual telephony assistants

Allow your clients to follow prompts and quickly connect with the people they need to schedule appointments or request callbacks using easy to set up virtual assistants.

Leverage multisite routing

Use SIP trunking to route phone calls to multiple office and call center locations, based on the caller’s intent, number, other call context.

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