Amazon Chime SDK

Embed proven real-time communication capabilities in your applications.

The Amazon Chime SDK is a set of real-time communications components that developers can use to quickly add audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities to their own web or mobile applications. Developers can leverage the same communication infrastructure and services that power Amazon Chime, an online meetings service from AWS, and deliver engaging experiences in their applications. For instance, they can add video calling to a health application so patients can consult with doctors on health issues remotely, or audio calling to a company website so customers can quickly connect with sales. By using the Amazon Chime SDK, developers can eliminate the cost, complexity, and friction of creating and maintaining their own real-time communication infrastructure and services.

Amazon Chime SDK Introduction (2:20)

Use cases


Embed real-time communication in your medical and health applications. Connect medical professionals and patients over video for remote consultations during out-patient or in-facility care.


Build high quality multi-player audio and video interactions in to your gaming apps. Elevate the gaming experience by enabling geographically separated players to coordinate plays and strategies together in real-time.

Contact Center

Bring video experiences to your contact center application. Enable your support specialists to interact with customers face to face and using screen sharing to make your interactions more engaging.

Unified Communications

Power your unified communications applications with proven real-time communication infrastructure and services on AWS. Deliver high quality audio and video capabilities to enable your customers to collaborate better.


Enhance the learning experience by delivering high quality audio, video and screen share in your e-learning applications. Enable educators with the power of video to better explain complex concepts. Reach more learners remotely without compromising on the quality of education.


Add real-time audio and video calling to the kiosks in your retail stores. Connect shoppers with centralized sales agents for in-store assistance and expert advice on store merchandise.


Build faster

Integrate pre-built communication building blocks into your applications to accelerate development. Use the AWS SDK in your server application to create media sessions and manage attendees. Use the Amazon Chime SDKs for iOS, Android, or Javascript in your client applications to start and join media sessions, manage local audio/video devices, perform in-meeting actions and bind media streams to native user interface elements.

Simplify operations

Benefit from AWS expertise in running real-time communications infrastructure securely at global scale. Deliver high-quality, reliable end user experiences without the need to manage infrastructure, networking, and communications components – just focus on your application and your users. Pay a single rate per minute per user, regardless of audio calling, video calling, or screen sharing features delivered.

Extend your applications

Integrate with other AWS services to extend application functionality. Enable phone users to dial into media sessions by integrating with Amazon Chime Voice Connector. Then stream audio with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams for transcription using Amazon Transcribe or sentiment analysis using Amazon Comprehend. Capture meeting events in real-time with Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Simple Queue Service or Amazon Simple Notification Service and trigger event-based workflows.

How it works

EBS Healthcare
"As a global healthcare company, Cerner provides a broad set of technology and services to our clients. A particular area of focus has been enabling care at a distance through telehealth solutions. In the early stages of the COVID 19 pandemic, our clients were rapidly deploying and scaling telehealth solutions to meet the needs of their communities and deliver medical services amidst stay at home orders across the globe. Many clients saw rather modest utilization of these capabilities grow over 800% in a matter of days. In anticipation of continued need to deliver virtual visits, Cerner needed a rapidly scalable, elastic approach to meet surging utilization and global demand for scheduled virtual visit capabilities. The Amazon Chime SDK was a natural answer to solve that challenge.
Cerner rapidly engaged with the Amazon Chime SDK team to implement the service and provide a simple, seamless virtual visit solution for our clients."

Andy Penn, Cerner

“Mitel is a partner in the cloud transformation strategies of many of our enterprise customers. In this capacity, we are trusted with critical communication workloads. When we built the CloudLink platform to power our next generation of collaboration applications, we knew that the AWS cloud had the global reach and security and operational excellence track records that these customers require. While integrating the Amazon Chime SDK into CloudLink, we immediately saw how AWS building blocks like the Amazon Chime SDK simplify architectures and can help us innovate more quickly for our customers. Working directly with AWS as they developed the Amazon Chime SDK, we went from a blank sheet design to field trials of a new collaboration service in under nine months.”

Richard Tworek, Vice President of Mitel Labs

"By using the Amazon Chime SDK and with the commitment and competencies of our fantastic team, we were able to build multi-party video interaction capabilities in our virtual classroom application for schools in Italy in under 8 days. We have been pleased with the Chime SDK service and support team. The feedback from teachers and students using our application has been excellent.”

Emanuele Putignano, CEO of bSmart Labs

CareMonitor black final transparent
"We built the telehealth audio and video calling capability in our CareMonitor application using the Amazon Chime SDK in under a week. In the CareMonitor app, COVID-19 patients are asked daily symptom questions and biometric data like temperature, heart rate and oxygen saturation is collected to gauge their current health status. If the patients deteriorate during the course of the day, they can send a message on the app, which is picked up immediately and the team can use the built-in video calling functionality to contact the patient and assess the situation. We can scale our telehealth app to support over 7000+ clinics and are getting good feedback from participating clinics so far. The CareMonitor telehealth application is making it easy and safe for patients and healthcare providers to connect for one-on-one or group consultations of up to 100 participants."

Dinesh Reddy, CTO, CareMonitor

EASE Applications Logo_FINAL 2018
“Due to the COVID-19 crisis, hospitals across the globe have had to implement visitor restriction policies. Medical providers continue to face a big challenge in keeping patient family members informed. We needed a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solution that could integrate with our existing iOS and Android messaging applications that are used at hospitals across the country. Amazon Chime SDK allowed our engineers to add two-way video communication into our mobile apps within one week. Families have been grateful to have reliable remote communication with patients and their clinicians, and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Jeff Eubanks, VP of Engineering, EASE Applications

“Mindbody leveraged the Amazon Chime SDK to introduce a revolutionizing virtual wellness platform. In just a few weeks, we were able to integrate secure, scalable, livestream capabilities in our existing platform that tens of thousands of global wellness businesses can now use to deliver services to millions of consumers virtually.”

Sunil Rajasekar, CTO of Mindbody


CMNTY Platform is a highly intuitive online platform used by marketers and insights professionals for project-based market research and continuous insights communities. CMNTY's platform and services include panel recruitment, qual and quant research activities, video focus groups, moderation, AI-powered data analysis and reporting.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our clients’ ability to conduct in-person research, we decided to add real-time video to our platform Our goal was to support high-quality, remote focus group activities and in-depth interviews (IDIs). At first we wanted to integrate an existing solution but we were unable to find a video conferencing platform with enough flexibility to add new features like automation of tedious tasks. So we decided to build our own solution with the Amazon Chime SDK. In just 3 days, we built a proof-of-concept and 3 weeks later we were ready to launch “Focus”, our new real-time video chat solution. Traditionally, market research professionals had to communicate with several vendors to record, transcribe, and analyze qualitative data from video activities. With the Amazon Chime SDK, we’ve built a fully integrated solution that gives our clients everything they need in a single platform. We never had so many requests for a demo and people have been impressed with what Focus can do. Amazon Chime SDK gives us the ability to innovate incredibly fast and change the way businesses conduct qualitative research online.”

Peter Nijssen, Chief Technology Officer - CMNTY

EBS Healthcare

In partnership with EBS Children’s Institute, our leading research, training, and teaching organization, EBS is able to offer innovative learning resources and tools that empower therapists and special educators to deliver the highest-quality of services for students nationwide.

"At EBS Healthcare we want to make sure our speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and psychologists have the right tools to provide the best care for children from birth to 21. In 2020, EBS Telepractice services set out to update our state-of-the-art teletherapy platform. Our team evaluated several communication services and found the Amazon Chime SDK was the best solution to support our variety of telehealth and educational needs. Leveraging the Amazon Chime SDK, we were able to accelerate the production of this intuitive telepractice solution in response to COVID-19. The Amazon Chime SDK allowed us to rapidly scale our video-conferencing solution to support over 2,000 therapy sessions every hour. Utilizing Amazon Chime and other Amazon technologies, our team was able to develop an interactive platform that allows therapy sessions to be both secure and engaging. We can now provide students an experience that is as personal as face-to-face sessions. EBS Healthcare believes in equity of education, and the Amazon Chime SDK gives us the reliability we need so we can focus on the care we provide our students and families."

Mark Stubits, CEO, EBS Healthcare


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