AWS Signature Version 4 APIs with AWS SDK support
Create and manage media resources using the AWS SDK available in C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby languages. Bring your own authentication and authorization mechanisms. Leverage AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for access management to enable the right access to the APIs.  Learn more about SigV4 APIs.
High-quality audio and video
Integrate the Amazon Chime SDK for iOS, Android, or JavaScript into your applications to enable high-quality audio and video on WebRTC-enabled browsers and mobile operating systems. You can connect up to 250 participants and build customized layouts by binding up to 16 simultaneous video streams to native user interface elements.
Screen sharing
Share a screen or application window with remote participants without the need to download or install an extension using the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript. All SDKs include embeddable screen viewing controls that provide the ability to zoom in and out or pan on the shared content. Callbacks are provided to track who is sharing and when the source of the sharing changes.
Volume notifications and mute controls
Use real-time notification callbacks to provide volume levels of attendees who are actively contributing audio for the meeting. Mute and unmute mic actions and notifications are available to indicate mute status for each attendee. 
Device controller
Use the Device Controller module to manage the available audio input, audio output, and video input. Control permissions, preview, and selection of the devices to be used during the media session.
Active speaker
Track the active speakers on audio with a periodic callback with a sorted list of attendees from most to least active.
Optimized experience
Manage audio and video performance with both pre-built and customizable bandwidth policies controlling video bandwidth adaptation and video stream pausing. Builders can override these policies to get a more customized experience. Audio stream auto-reconnect feature provides more resilience to network interruptions.
Meeting events
Use the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) integration to receive meeting events with rich information to build experiences like a meeting roster.


Attendee proximity
Pick the best AWS region to host each meeting session based on where the attendees are joining from.
TURN support
Meeting sessions include integrated Traverse Using Relay around NAT (TURN) service for corporate firewall and NAT transversal.
Scaling to peak loads
The SDK leverages seamless automatic scaling capabilities of the AWS cloud and can handle peak loads of your business without the need to predict demand or pre-provision the resources.


Workflows with Amazon EventBridge events
Leverage Amazon EventBridge events to trigger workflows based on events like starting a call queue workflow based meetingCreated event or taking an action when a specific attendee joins or leaves.
Amazon Chime Voice Connector for PSTN interconnect and streaming audio
Integrate Amazon Chime Voice Connector to enable phone users to dial into Chime SDK meetings. Leverage the audio streaming functionality of Amazon Chime Voice Connector to extract media session audio into Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and enable integration with Amazon Transcribe for transcription and Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis in real-time.
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