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The Amazon Chime SDK allows you to use the same infrastructure that powers Amazon Chime meetings to add audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities to your applications. You can simplify operations, and build these features without managing real-time communication infrastructure services. The Amazon Chime SDK elastically scales to your applications needs, and allows your application to place meeting session media in 14 AWS regions. These include: United States (Northern Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Northern California), Canada (Montreal), Brazil (São Paulo), Ireland, Germany (Frankfurt), United Kingdom (London), France (Paris), Sweden (Stockholm), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Sydney).

The Amazon Chime SDK offers pay-for-use pricing with no upfront fees. Developers implementing the SDK can choose to implement some or all of the available media modalities (audio, video, and screen share) for a single rate.

  • Attendee Minutes
  • Attendee Minutes

    Rate per minute (each attendee)
    Connection to Amazon Chime SDK meeting session $0.0017

    Each “attendee” (i.e. an instance of your application that has implemented the SDK) is billed for each minute it is connected to a meeting session regardless of which media modalities (screen share, screen view, two-way audio, one-way audio, two-way video, or one-way video) are used.

    The Amazon Chime SDK can be integrated with Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Chime Voice Connector. Amazon charges do not include usage for other AWS services. See Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Chime Voice Connector pricing for additional fees related the use of these services.

Pricing Examples

Amazon Chime SDK

The developers of a learning management system (LMS) have integrated the Amazon Chime SDK into the solution to allow students to attend live lectures from their web application. The application hosts 100 weekly sessions for its students. Each course includes 1 instructor and 29 students, and is 60 minutes in duration. The application allows instructors to share webcam video and share content (i.e. screen share) at all times. Students can listen to instructors’ audio, and raise their hand to ask questions or participate in discussions with audio and webcam video.

In this example the cost for Amazon Chime SDK is:

Each Course Session
30 attendees × 60 minutes × $0.0017 per attendee-minute = $3.06 per course session

Total Cost per Week
$3.06 per course session × 100 course sessions per week = $306 per week

* May incur additional charges for using other services or products.

**Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties.

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