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Amazon supports startups through a number of programs like AWS Activate, Amazon Launchpad, and Handmade, designed to boost the go-to-market efforts of entrepreneurs. Today, we’ve added the AWS Marketplace for Startups program to these, helping launch an ancillary channel for EMEA-based startups interested in building sustainable revenue streams.

For any startup, getting discovered is a crucial path to growth. Through this program, eligible SaaS technology startups can become sellers on AWS Marketplace, creating wide-reaching product awareness among thousands of software buyers. Enabling startups to grow at scale, products accepted into the program can be discovered by over 154,000 active customers using software from the AWS Marketplace, offering a go-to-market route to help accelerate net new customer acquisition.

Startups participating in the program benefit from having a dedicated product showcase page and receive onboarding and account creation support alongside sales enablement tools. We also provide marketing and PR support to help create product awareness among AWS users by featuring startups across some of our own channels like the AWS Startups Blog and social media properties. Other benefits to sellers include:

AWS Streamlined Software Delivery: Software buyers in AWS Marketplace, i.e. your prospective customers, take advantage of our 1-Click purchasing feature that enables customers to purchase and access software in minutes. AWS Marketplace supports Software as a Service (SaaS) products so that customers can subscribe to SaaS solutions in AWS Marketplace, register and use the software on your site, and pay for it on their AWS bill.

Simplified Billing & Payments: Customers pay for AWS Marketplace software as part of their regular AWS billing cycle. AWS manages the complexity of metering, billing, payment collection and financial reporting so sellers can focus on building and selling core products.

Scalable and Global go-to-market Channel: Expand your reach with AWS Marketplace’s global footprint. Shorten your sales cycle and build your business through exposure to millions of active AWS customers.

Any startup, including those funded by crowdfunding platforms, VC firms and other startup accelerators who’ve built solutions on AWS are eligible to participate. The application process involves completion of a short form, which is used to evaluate eligibility for the program against a set criteria. We look for a minimal viable product with active customers and at least 50% of the featured product’s workload running in production on AWS. Currently, the program is only open to EMEA-headquartered startups. Once accepted into the program, our AWS Marketplace team will help you with the onboarding of your product, guiding you through the launch process.

Interested in becoming a SaaS seller on AWS Marketplace? All it takes is four easy steps to nominate your startup and gain access to thousands of AWS customers looking for innovative new software products.

Fatih Mehtap

Fatih Mehtap

Fatih leads Startup Marketing for AWS in EMEA, responsible for accelerating engagement with startup hubs and communities across the region.