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Speaking for the Masses: Babbel’s Nehal Shah on Effective Language Learning

Whether you’re adventuring through an unfamiliar  country or closing an overseas business deal, there’s no question that in our increasingly globalized world, conversation is key. And while functional multilingual AI transactions are likely on the technological horizon, when it comes to forging meaningful connections across cultures, true personal communication is essential. As Nehal Shah, director of engineering at Babbel, puts it, AI is “growing rapidly, evolving at a tremendous pace, but there’s still no replacement for human interaction or that human element.” Especially when it comes to picking up a new language, humans simply need to connect.

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Orbit AR based learning app

Orbit Brings Smartphone Augmented Reality into the Classroom

Imagine you’re sitting in your classroom for a biology lesson on the respiratory system and instead of conventional books, we place a breathing human being right in front of you. You can remove its skin and are allowed to step inside the organs and see how the nose, larynx, heart, and lungs work together to help us breathe. Imagine how clear your understanding would be after learning this way. That’s what Orbit does.

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