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Techstars London’s Marko Srsan Explains How to Get Involved with the Accelerator

Although accelerators are now a well established part of the startup ecosystem, there was a time not long ago when the model was new and unproven. Early movers in the space set out to show that a focused, multiple-month program could provide value and bolster the potential of chosen companies.

Among the first to test and prove out the model was Techstars, which originally launched in 2006 out of Boulder, Colorado. Since then, however, the organization has rapidly scaled and now hosts programs in cities around the globe. And as for its graduates? Well, the numbers speak for themselves, with over 1,500 companies having gone through a Techstars program, collectively going on to raise more than $6 billion in funding and representing roughly $17.7 billion in cumulative market cap.

Check out the above video interview of Marko Srsan, Program Director of Techstars London, to learn more about the organization and how startups can get in with their U.K. outpost. (Applications are open now!)