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The Top 10 AWS Startup Blog Posts of 2015

As we move forward in the new year, we want to recap some of the most popular posts of 2015. We hope you’ll find the posts useful in expanding your AWS knowledge and technical know-how as your startup grows in 2016.

The most viewed posts highlight some of the AWS startup community’s hot topics: containers, AWS Lambda, scaling, availability, and beer!

AWS Top 10 blog posts 2015

Using Containers to Build a Microservices Architecture

Explore how many of the characteristics that make containers a great choice for dev/test workloads also make them an excellent choice for building a microservices-based architecture in AWS.

API Security for Modern Web Apps

Focus on the tools and approaches you can use to create flexible and robust security controls for the interfaces you host on API Gateway.

Running Services Using Docker and Amazon EC2 Container Service

Understand important concepts like scheduling, state management, and resource allocations by running a service in Amazon EC2 Container Service.

Building Dynamic Dashboards Using Lambda and DynamoDB Streams: Part 1

Using some new tools from Amazon Web Services, learn how to make boring, static dashboards reflect changes in real time.

High Availability for Mere Mortals

Dive into the concept of high availability in the context of a simple web application stack. Learn how high availability is calculated and how it can be practically achieved.

Cluster-Based Architectures Using Docker and Amazon EC2 Container Service

Take a deeper dive into the architectural concepts underlying cluster computing using container management frameworks such as Amazon EC2 Container Service.

Internet of Beer: Introducing Simple Beer Service

AWS Solutions Architects share a fun, educational side project project inspired by the strong “maker” culture at AWS, which encourages employees to innovate and show the power of the AWS cloud.

Sandboxing Code in the Era of Containers

Learn how startup Auth0 built their sandboxing technology, Auth0 Webtasks, using AWS.

Securing SSH to Amazon EC2 Linux Hosts

Lock down access to the Amazon EC2 instances running your applications to optimize your security, which is critical step for developing customer trust and growing your business.

Building a Serverless Dynamic DNS System with AWS

Learn how to build your own simple, cost-effective, and dynamic DNS system with a small script and several AWS services.