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New courses and updates from AWS Training and Certification in March 2022

Editor’s note: Below, you’ll find descriptions of new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification courses and offerings for cloud learners, AWS customers, and AWS Partners for March 2022. New offerings focused on storage and backup include three courses on Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), a course on AWS FSx for NetApp ONTAP Primer, and an AWS Backup Primer course. Additionally, we’re launching two AWS Internet of Things (IoT) courses, and an Advanced AWS-Well Architected classroom course. Specific to AWS Partners, we have an updated technical accreditation.

AWS Digital Training

Three new courses to dive deep into Amazon EFS

Want to learn how to configure and manage Amazon EFS for your workloads, review the performance of your Amazon EFS implementations, and manage Amazon EFS costs? Designing and Deploying an Amazon EFS Solution; Securing Data in Amazon EFS; and Managing, Monitoring, and Optimizing your Amazon EFS Solution can help you gain the knowledge you need to do just that. Designed for a technical audience such as applications administrators, IT systems administrators, and storage administrators, these 100-minute, free, advanced-level courses dive deep into the content through use cases and demonstrations. Learn more about Designing and Deploying on Amazon EFS Solution; Securing Data in Amazon EFS; and Managing, Monitoring, and Optimizing your Amazon EFS Solution, and register today.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP: New intermediate-level digital course now available

Planning a deployment of Amazon FSx for NetApp OnTAP storage? Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides fully managed shared storage in the AWS Cloud with the popular data access and management capabilities of ONTAP. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP Primer is a 60-minute, intermediate-level course where you’ll learn about the features, benefits, and common use cases for Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. You’ll also learn about the pricing, management, and monitoring options available to you with Amazon FSx for NetApp. This free, digital course is intended for a technical audience including storage business decision makers, architects, and developers. Learn more about Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP Primer and register today.

Get started with AWS Backup

Ever wondered about the features, benefits, use cases, and key elements of AWS Backup? AWS Backup Primer is a 65-minute intermediate-level course that discusses these topics with a focus on AWS service integrations.  You’ll examine pricing and pricing options per AWS service and learn how to monitor and audit your AWS Backup implementation using AWS Backup Audit Manager. This free, digital course is designed for a technical audience including, application administrators, IT systems administrators, and backup administrators. Learn more about AWS Backup Primer and register today.

Start your AWS IoT journey today

Interested in AWS IoT but not sure where to start? Getting Started with AWS IoT introduces you to AWS IoT, AWS IoT use cases, and the benefits of AWS IoT. During the 35-minute, free course, you’ll learn about AWS IoT key concepts and service types and examine the AWS IoT core services and their functions. A typical use case scenario helps you to apply the concepts learned throughout the course. The foundational course is intended for both business decision makers and technical audiences, including architects, cloud practitioners, and developers. Learn more about Getting Started with AWS IoT and register today.

Learn the basic building blocks of an AWS IoT infrastructure

After you’ve completed Getting Started with AWS IoT continue with the AWS IoT Foundations series. We’ve updated the first course in the series, AWS IoT Foundation: Telemetry to include a real-world scenario that will show you how to create an IoT device, set up communications, transform the data from your device, and create rules to process and move the device data into other AWS services. You’ll then use analytics to visualize and present your results. The 2.5 hour, intermediate-level course is intended for technical audiences, including developers, data engineers, and solution architects. Learn more about AWS IoT Foundations: Telemetry and register today.

AWS Classroom Training

Interactive AWS Advanced Well-Architected Best Practices course

Want to understand how to prepare proposals on high and medium risk issues using the AWS Well-Architected tool? This experiential, one-day, advanced-level, classroom course provides a deep dive into AWS best practices to help you perform effective AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews, allowing you to continue to scale your cloud infrastructure securely and efficiently. Led by an expert AWS instructor, the course covers the phases of a review, including how to prepare, run, and get guidance after a review has been performed. The course provides an AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews simulation and instructor-led group exercises and discussions regarding prioritizing and solutioning risks. This course is designed for AWS customers and AWS Partners such as solutions architects, data engineers, and developers. Attendees should have familiarity with the AWS concepts, terminology, services, and tools that are covered in the intermediate precursor to this course, AWS Well-Architected Best Practices. Register today for the AWS Advanced Well-Architected Best Practices classroom course (Customers, Partners, Amazonians).

AWS Partners

Updated AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical) classroom and digital course

Are you an AWS Partner who would like to join the AWS Partner Network program? AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical) is a course designed to teach the fundamental principles of AWS solution architecture design and to introduce the basic skills needed to engage customers in a pre-sales, AWS technical opportunity. It is intended to empower you to make recommendations and informed decisions about AWS Cloud solutions based on customer business requirements. There are two learning modalities to choose from: 1) a one-day classroom course or 2) a four-hour digital, self-paced course. Both will include interactive discussions and are available globally. Learn more about the AWS Partners: Accreditation (Technical) classroom (Partner, Amazonians) and digital course and register today.

AWS Certifications

Coming Soon: Updated AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam

Coming August 30, 2022, this update aligns with AWS services and innovations in categories such as security, resiliency, high performance, and cost optimization. The last day to take the current exam is August 29, 2022 and registration for the new exam opens July 26, 2022.This certification validates your knowledge and skills in designing and implementing distributed systems on AWS. If you are preparing for the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam, you can view an updated description of what to expect in the exam guide. To help you prepare, the outline includes the test domains, the weight of each domain, and detailed learning objectives with example AWS services. If you prefer to take the current exam, be sure to take the exam by August 29, 2022. Learn more about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam update.

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