AWS Cloud Start

Organizations that promote macroeconomic growth, such as Economic Developing Organizations (EDOs), around the world face the challenge of developing commerce and consistently building businesses in new and innovative ways.

Amazon Web Services CloudStart supports Economic Development Organizations by providing resources to educate, train, and embrace the cost effective options that our cloud computing services can offer to companies that are serving customers in the government, education, and nonprofit space. 

AWS Cloudstart

AWS CloudStart helps companies to get started on AWS by providing a set of resources that will allow them to quickly learn about cloud computing and get started on AWS while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy at low cost to customers. AWS CloudStart provides the following benefits to companies:

  • AWS Promotional Credits
  • Customized trainings
  • Practice labs and Quick Start guides to get started quickly on cloud
  • Job board to post open positions

As an EDO enrolled in AWS CloudStart, you can help promote to provide a jump start to businesses, entities, and organizations that are government funded (including government, education, and healthcare), operate not-for-profit, or target and directly support or serve the public sector. CloudStart looks at providing support and resources to various organizations such as:

Once approved, businesses will be provided access to several AWS programs. Find out more about each program:

  • Introductory Videos: Click here to gain foundational knowledge of AWS
  • Hands-on Labs: Click here to gain hands-on experience with AWS
  • AWS Partner Network: Click here to learn about the global partner program with AWS
  • Credits and Research Program: Click here to learn about the cloud credits for research program
  • AWS Educate: Click here to learn about the Educate program
  • AWS Accreditations: Click here to find out more about accreditations