AWS Security Start Right/Run Well Program

Resources to help secure your workloads and applications in the cloud

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Start Right/Run Well program provides operationalization references to enable customers to efficiently deploy native AWS security services following best practices. These references are structured along three tracks – Self-Service, Guided, and Managed – to provide operationalization options that best match your organization’s resource capacity and expertise, operations design, and implementation timing considerations.

The Self-Service track curates native security service configuration and operation resources that builders and/or administrators can follow and implement. The Guided track links to options to augment your team’s capacity and cloud skills by engaging AWS experts or partners in short-term engagements. Meanwhile, the Managed track guides customers to AWS and vetted partner resources that can support outsourced operations.

References are organized by security domain with the corresponding Self-service, Guided, and Managed track guidance provided for that domain and its related native AWS security services.

Note: This document should in no way be considered comprehensive of all available operational resources.

Intended audience: This guide is best suited for resources tasked with activating, configuring, and operating native AWS security services. 

Operationalization Enablement Tracks

Self-Service Track

Security guidance resource providing step-by-step guidance on how to configure security services in line with best practices.

Prerequisite: Available resources with cloud expertise.

Ideal for: Organizations that have in-house cloud operations resources who can follow prescriptive guidance. 

Guided Track

Specialized skills and experience from AWS Professional Services or partners to lend AWS expertise via short-term engagements.

Prerequisite: Statement of Work.

Ideal for: Organizations that need to fill skills gaps through workshops and consultation with experts.

Managed Track

Service configuration and operation by AWS or partners.

Prerequisite: Statement of Work / Master Service Agreements.

Ideal for: Organizations that want to reduce their operational overhead and focus on their business applications.


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