Amazon EFS Customers


Amazon Elastic File System provides a simple, serverless, set-and-forget elastic file system for AWS compute services. Amazon EFS is serverless, enabling you to build and run applications without worrying about managing and provisioning infrastructure. It’s designed for the vast majority of file workloads. Amazon EFS is ideal for machine learning, web serving and content management, and everything in-between. Learn how customers are impacting their business with Amazon EFS.

Case studies

  • Discover

    Discover Financial Services invests in big data and analytics as varied tools and platforms are used across the organization. Its internal data science workbench called Air9, built on AWS, enables environments where data scientists can collaborate more easily. By shifting from an open source storage system to Amazon EFS, Discover Financial Services reduced storage costs by 50%, simplifying management, and increasing scalability.

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  • Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson data science platform is used to analyze genomics sequencer data, whole genome studies, medical device data, and immunology studies. They get faster time-to-insights with access to new datasets, and reduced analysis time by 35%. They reduced costs by 37% using EFS Lifecycle management and Amazon EFS One Zone lower-cost storage classes.

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  • Ancestry

    Ancestry is a global leader in family history and consumer genomics. The AncestryDNA science team decided to move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. Using Amazon EFS, Ancestry enables multiple scientists to perform genomics research, automatically scales compute and storage resources up or down, and onboards new scientists faster and easier.

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Customer quotes

  • Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters is a leading source of information—including one of the world’s most trusted news organizations—for the world’s businesses and professionals.

    With Amazon EFS, we have capacity on demand. We are confident that we will NEVER run out of storage space, and no longer worry about aging hardware, warranties, support contracts, or hardware failures. Best of all, we were able to get a better service, for 67% less.

    Edward Zhitnitsky, Media Technology Manager - Thomson Reuters
  • Seeking Alpha

    Seeking Alpha is a platform for investment research, with broad coverage of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategy.

    Seeking Alpha subscribers rely on us for accurate trading information. Amazon EFS helps us manage the thousands of web pages on our site. It also helps us manage the traffic spikes generated by financial market events, and ensure that every bit of content requested during these spikes is quickly and reliably delivered to our subscribers.

    Asi Segal, CTO - Seeking Alpha
  • SiriusXM

    SiriusXM is one of the world's largest audio entertainment companies and is among the largest subscription media companies in the United States, offering an array of exclusive content to satisfy many interests.

    Good, fast, and cheap. We picked two and got all three with Amazon EFS. It gave us the agility to deliver a new product on schedule, eliminated scale and performance concerns, and the OPEX reductions have exceeded our expectations

    Chris DeAcosta, Senior Director, Software Engineering - SiriusXM
  • Zend

    Zend was founded by key contributors to PHP and provides commercial PHP solutions and support for development leaders, DevOps, and developers. Amazon EFS provides Zend customers with a highly-available and performant storage platform for their PHP-based sites.

    As our customers move web sites to AWS, they need a highly available, highly scalable, easy to use, and affordable file system, and we found Amazon EFS ideal for customer-facing websites.

    Boaz Ziniman, Senior Director for Cloud Strategy - Zend