With Amazon EFS, you pay only for the amount of file system storage you use per month. There is no minimum fee and there are no set-up charges. There are no charges for bandwidth or requests.

US East (N. Virginia)
US East (Ohio)
US West (Oregon) $0.30/GB-month
Asia Pacific (Sydney) $0.36/GB-month
EU (Frankfurt) $0.36/GB-month
EU (Ireland) $0.33/GB-month

Within your first 12 months on AWS, you can use up to 5GB/month for free.

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The storage amount billed in a month is based on the average storage space used throughout the month. Your storage usage is measured in "GB-Months," which are added up at the end of the month to generate your monthly charges.

For example, assume your file system is located in the US East (N. Virginia) region, uses 100GB of storage for 15 days in March, and 250GB of storage for the final 16 days in March.

At the end of March, you would have the following usage in GB-Hours:

Total usage (GB-hours) = [100 GB x 15 days x (24 hours / day)] + [250 GB x 16 days x (24 hours / day)]

                                = 132,000 GB-Hours

We add up GB-Hours and convert to GB-Months to calculate monthly charges:

Total Monthly Storage Charge = 177 GB-Months x $0.30 = $53.10

Amazon EFS offers price advantages over self-managed cloud alternatives. For more information on how much can be saved, see the Amazon EFS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) example here.

If you are investigating the cost advantages of moving to the AWS Cloud, you can enter your on-premises configurations into our TCO calculators here.

Pricing for EFS File Sync is simple. You pay per-GB for data copied to Amazon EFS. You can track the amount of data synced with Amazon CloudWatch.

US East (N. Virginia)
US East (Ohio)
US West (Oregon) $0.01/per-GB
Asia Pacific (Sydney) $0.01/per-GB
EU (Frankfurt) $0.01/per-GB
EU (Ireland) $0.01/per-GB

If your source file system is in AWS, you will be billed at standard EC2 rates for the instance on which the File Sync agent runs.