AWS Storage options

Understand and evaluate the AWS storage services portfolio.

Load, Store, and Protect LinuxBased NFS Workloads in AWS

A cloud migration guide with AWS DataSync, Amazon EFS, and AWS Backup.

Choosing between the different throughput & performance modes

Best practices for selecting the right Amazon EFS modes for your workload.

Encrypting file data with Amazon Elastic File System

Best practices for encrypting file systems on Amazon EFS.

Wordpress Best Practices on AWS

Improve the cost efficiency and user experience of Wordpress on AWS.

Wordpress best practices on AWS

Improve the cost efficiency and user experience of Wordpress on AWS.

Oracle e-business suite on AWS

Learn the options for Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS.

AWS overview of security processes

AWS security processes for network and server infrastructure. 

Case studies

AWS event and launch videos

What's new in AWS file storage: re:Invent 2019
Storage leadership session: re:Invent 2019
Deep dive on Amazon Elastic File System: re:Invent 2019
File storage for business-critical applications: re:Invent 2019
Securing data science and container applications: re:Invent 2019
Launch: EFS supports encryption of data in transit: April 2018

What's new

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Amazon EFS FAQs
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