Amazon EFS Infrequent Access

Save up to 94% on file storage

Amazon Elastic File System  $0.025/GB-month(Amazon EFS) provides a simple, serverless, set-and-forget elastic file system for use with AWS Cloud services and on-premises resources. Amazon EFS Infrequent Access is a storage class that provides price/performance that is cost-optimized for files accessed a few times a quarter, with storage prices up
to 94% lower compared to Amazon EFS Standard (EFS Standard). For EFS Regional file systems using Elastic Throughput, the EFS IA storage class costs only $0.016/GB-month1.

To get started with Infrequent Access (IA), simply enable Amazon EFS Lifecycle Management for your file system by selecting a lifecycle policy that matches your needs. Amazon EFS will automatically and transparently move your files to the lower cost regional EFS IA storage class based on the last time they were accessed. Amazon EFS transparently serves files from EFS Standard and Infrequent Access (IA) storage classes from a common file system namespace. You don't have to worry about which of your files are actively used and which are infrequently accessed. Amazon EFS Intelligent-Tiering offers an additional lifecycle policy that moves files back to EFS Standard automatically when they are accessed.

1pricing in US East (N. Virginia) region

Amazon EFS Intelligent-Tiering

EFS Intelligent-Tiering delivers automatic cost savings for workloads with changing access patterns by placing your file data in the appropriate storage class, at the right time, based on file access patterns.

EFS Lifecycle Management monitors your workload access patterns and automatically transition files that are not accessed for the duration of the lifecycle policy (e.g. 30 days) from the EFS Standard storage class to the Infrequent Access (IA) storage class. When you enable Intelligent-Tiering, if access patterns change and a file in EFS IA is read from or written to again, EFS will automatically moves that file back to EFS Standard, improving latency performance for subsequent access and eliminating the risk of unbounded access charges.

To use EFS Intelligent-Tiering, simply set a lifecycle policy to automatically move files back to EFS Standard if accessed.