BBC Uses Shared File Storage to Migrate Red Button Application to the AWS Cloud


By using Amazon EFS to share files, the BBC built an agile and cost-effective solution, migrating its on-premises Red Button interactive TV service to the AWS Cloud. The BBC Red Button application is an interactive TV service through which viewers can access additional television programming, live coverage from major sporting and cultural events, sports scores, lottery and weather information, as well as the latest breaking national and global news stories.

The BBC transitioned Red Button from on-premises to the AWS Cloud using services including Amazon EC2, Amazon EFS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, and Amazon Kinesis. The company’s previous solution was maintained across a heterogeneous set of software solutions with many different types of programming languages and systems. Moving Red Button to AWS allowed developers to define infrastructure as code, enabling engineers to reproduce environments in minutes and iteratively improve software components in a cost-effective way. BBC developers used Amazon EFS to transfer and maintain their POSIX-compliant file-sharing architecture, simplifying the transition of the Red Button application to the cloud and helping the team meet project deadlines.

BBC Leverages Shared File Storage to Migrate Red Button Application to the AWS Cloud

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