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Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs allow you to easily attach low-cost graphics acceleration to a wide range of EC2 instances over the network. Simply choose an instance with the right amount of compute, memory, and storage for your application, and then use Elastic GPUs to add the GPU resources needed to accelerate the graphics performance of your application for a fraction of the cost of standalone graphics instances.

Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs make it easy to attach graphics acceleration to existing Amazon EC2 instances in much the same way as attaching Amazon EBS volumes. With Elastic GPUs, you can configure the right amount of graphics acceleration to your particular workload without being constrained by fixed hardware configurations and limited GPU selection. Elastic GPUs support OpenGL 4.3 and offer up to 8 GiB of GPU memory, making them ideally suited for any workload that needs a small amount of additional GPU such as virtual desktops, gaming, industrial design, or HPC visualization.

Introduction to Amazon EC2
Introduction to Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs
Near-native Graphics Performance

Workstation-Class Graphics Performance

Elastic GPUs are capable of running a variety of graphics workloads, such as 3D modeling and rendering, with similar workstation performance compared to direct-attached GPUs.

Optimized Performance and Cost

Optimized Performance and Cost

Elastic GPUs come in multiple frame buffer sizes up to 8 GiB, allowing you to achieve the optimal graphics performance for your workload for the lowest possible cost.


Application Support

Application Support

Elastic GPUs support Open Graphics Library (OpenGL), a cross-language, cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics, with a roadmap for certification of additional APIs.

If you have…     For applications such as…     Consider using...  
An application with high compute, storage, or memory needs that could benefit from additional GPU Virtual desktops, gaming, industrial design, HPC visualization, 3D modeling and rendering, and 3D Application Streaming Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs for fractional GPUs and Amazon EC2 G3 Instances for full GPUs  
A general-purpose compute application that requires a GPU Machine learning, high performance databases, computational fluid dynamics, computational finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, and genomics Amazon EC2 P3 Instances  

It's easy to get started. Create your first Amazon EC2 instance with an Elastic GPU in just a few clicks!

Get started with Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs