AWS Elemental Live is an on-premises solution that processes live video for delivery to broadcast televisions and streaming to internet-connected devices. It allows you to easily and reliably compress live video sources into multiple versions for distribution. Deployed on-premises as appliances or as AWS-licensed software on your infrastructure, AWS Elemental Live lets you deploy reliable, high-quality live video processing at the source, within the studio, or inside remote facilities.

Key features

Advanced video workflows

Viewer expectations for broadcast and internet-connected video continue to increase, while consumer devices become more and more powerful and sophisticated. AWS Elemental Live incorporates advanced features and functionality to support an exceptional consumer experience. With AWS Elemental Live, you can launch a 24/7 4K Ultra HD service with improved color space, deeper luminance, and increased bit depth for enhanced picture quality. Create HDR 10, Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), or Dolby Vision content from multiple ingest formats including standard dynamic range (SDR), HDR 10, and HLG sources. Incorporate captions into your content across different formats and languages.

Multiple output production

Preparing live events and live linear channels for distribution requires converting raw video into a full range of compressed outputs. AWS Elemental Live lets you generate a mix of video streams at different resolutions and bitrates at the same time, so your streams match each viewer’s screen and bandwidth, from smartphones to 4K televisions. Create all internet streaming formats directly within AWS Elemental Live or deliver a base format for downstream packaging.

Content monetization support

Video delivered over the internet offers new opportunities to monetize your content through advertising. You can integrate AWS Elemental Live with a number of ad insertion platforms, including AWS Elemental MediaTailor. The software can read incoming ad markers directly or through APIs to enable frame-accurate insertion of video ads into output formats, supporting monetization of your live channels.

Built-in automation and management

Manage AWS Elemental Live via web interface or REST/XML APIs for integration with on-premises, cloud-based, or virtualized deployments. Group multiple AWS Elemental Live solutions into encoder clusters and easily manage them as a unit with AWS Elemental Conductor. AWS Elemental Conductor centralizes setup, maintenance, and upgrades of AWS Elemental Live, while offering easy deployment of redundant systems to support high availability and uninterrupted content delivery.