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Modern application development is a powerful approach to designing, building, and managing applications in the cloud. Get best practices to accelerate modern applications with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership today. Dive deeper with these resources to help you develop an effective plan for your modernization journey.

  • Accelerate modern applications
  • Design & build modern applications
  • Accelerate modern applications
  • Build modern applications on AWS

    Modern applications enable rapid innovation. By adopting services and strategies built for speed and agility, you can shift resources from doing business as usual to driving deep customer value. AWS has helped thousands of organizations modernize by:

    • Adopting managed containers services for existing applications
    • Building new applications serverless-first
    • Transforming to a modern DevOps model

    Read our e-book to explore these foundational approaches to modern applications.

    Build mobile and web apps faster

    Developing scalable, secure, high-performance web and mobile apps that empower customers—while minimizing cost and complexity—is no easy task. Read the guide to learn three strategies customers like you are employing to get it right.

    • Empower your front-end teams with modern tools and frameworks, modern APIs, and modern compute
    • Simplify data access with unified GraphQL APIs and operate less infrastructure
    • Leverage key AWS products and services that can help you along the way

    Adopting a Modern Dev+Ops model

    Are you ready to take DevOps to the next level? AWS is in a unique position to help customers move faster with their cloud transformation by enabling them with a core set of Modern Dev+Ops practices, tools, and training. Read the e-book to learn how we can help your organization:

    • Bring developers and operations closer
    • Realize the benefits of the cloud faster
    • Accelerate innovation

    Modern Apps need Modern Ops

    Organizations modernize apps so they can innovate rapidly and compete in fast-moving markets. Modern apps are globally available, scale to support millions of users, and can deliver millisecond latency while processing petabytes of data.

    Modern ops help you manage it all. This approach leverages code, automation, and integration to accelerate developer productivity and improve innovation. Read this e-book to discover how modern ops enable you to:

    • Operate anywhere
    • Observe and gain actionable insights
    • Improve app resiliency
    • Automate governance and compliance

    With AWS, you can confidently modernize your applications with a cloud operations model that gives you the power to build, manage, and govern securely and at scale. Download the e-book now to learn more.

    Application modernization in the enterprise: Architectural, operational, and delivery impacts

    Enterprises require the agility of a modern technology platform to stay competitive and deliver new digital experiences for customers. For enterprise organizations, a modern application architecture means:

    • Feature release cycles accelerate from months to minutes
    • Infrastructure scales instantly to meet demand
    • Applications include end-to-end security

    Read the IDC report to learn why application modernization is essential for the modern enterprise and what steps should be taken to modernize. Discover the lessons one AWS customer learned through their own modernization experience.

    Continuous learning, Continuous modernization

    Modern never stops and neither should your teams. Help them gain the skills to build modern applications with continuous learning through AWS Training and Certification. Read the e-book to up-skill and empower your teams through a range of digital and live courses delivered by the experts at AWS.

    • Propel business growth with comprehensive cloud skills enablement programs
    • Drive continuous modernization with expert-led training in a classroom setting
    • Empower your teams and employees to train when and how they like with digital training

    Realize the business value of AWS

    Cloud computing increases cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility.

    According to an AWS Cloud Value Benchmarking study for Asia Pacific-Japan conducted in 2020, customers of AWS are realizing better performance, security, and availability for less.

  • Design & build modern applications
  • Modernize today with Containers on AWS

    For organizations beginning the journey to modernization, containers continue to gain momentum as the go-to solution for developers to package and deploy applications more efficiently. Containers provide a portable, consistent, and lightweight software environment for applications to easily run and scale anywhere.

    This e-book offers practical instruction for getting started with containers on AWS today. With proven tools for infrastructure provisioning, orchestration, security, networking, automation, and monitoring, AWS provides all the solutions needed to make containerization seamless.

    Determining the total cost of ownership: Comparing serverless and server-based technologies

    The popularity of a serverless strategy is growing because it provides cost savings through hands-off infrastructure management, allowing organizations to redirect IT budget and development resources from operations to innovation. With a serverless operational model, there are no servers to provision, patch, or manage and there is no software to install, maintain, or operate.

    Deloitte’s latest study discovers how your organization can significantly lower its total cost of ownership (TCO) by choosing to go serverless. Learn exactly how serverless helps you:

    • Increase agility with flexible on-demand consumption
    • Lower application development and maintenance costs
    • Reduce time to market by deploying faster and more often

    Guide to Windows modernization

    According to IDC and Principled Technologies, rehosting your SQL database to SQL Server on Amazon EC2 Windows delivers significant benefits, including:

    • 98% reduction in unplanned downtime
    • 71% faster deployment
    • 26% higher developer productivity

    Read our Guide to .NET Application Modernization to explore rehosting and other proven approaches our customers are using to modernize their Windows-based applications. Learn how you can power the evolution of your applications with proven AWS tools, services and support.

    Letting the use case drive the database choice

    Building modern cloud-based applications often comes with a need for handling widely varying requirements for scale, performance, querying, data management, reliability, and more, which has driven the development of database solutions that can complement the traditional, widely used relational database engine. In this report, veteran industry analyst Tony Baer from dbInsight explains how organizations no longer need to pick one database and compromise their needs; they can select several databases, built for different optimized use cases, to achieve their business goals. Tony details how all types of businesses, from e-commerce stores to online language apps, are using AWS Database offerings, including Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon DocumentDB, and more.

    With this paper:

    • Learn how digital transformation, and the growing need for storing and organizing data, have changed the database landscape.
    • Understand how different AWS Database services are optimized to help address business problems.
    • Plan your organization’s database strategy with case studies from Duolingo, Zulily, Caresyntax, and more.

    Accelerate application modernization for serverless, containers, and microservices-based architectures with persistent and shared data

    AWS can help you overcome common data storage challenges to build and deploy modern apps quickly and reliably. Read this interactive e-book to learn how.

    Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS):

    • Enables you to persist and share data from your AWS containers
    • Requires zero management
    • Provides a simple, serverless, set-and-forget elastic file system

    AWS Lambda:

    • Enables you to run large-scale and mission-critical serverless applications
    • Allows you to run code for virtually any type of application or backend service—with zero administration
    • Automatically scales your application by running code in response to each event

    AWS containers:

    • Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications
    • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) allows you to start, run, and scale Kubernetes applications in the AWS Cloud or on-premises
    • AWS Fargate provides serverless compute for containers, enabling you to stay focused on building applications

    Optimize and save with AWS

    AWS enables you to take control of cost and continuously optimize your spend, while building modern, scalable applications to meet your needs. Our breadth of services and pricing options offer the flexibility to effectively manage your costs while achieving the performance and capacity your organization requires.

    Get started with the steps below that will have an immediate impact on your cloud bill today.

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