The AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp

Giving public sector startups a head start

Startup program supporting public sector companies

The program helps startups build and scale innovative solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Navigating the public sector is no simple task, and you shouldn't do it alone. The program offers you the tools and resources needed to overcome challenges and give your startup a head start.

Now more than ever, public sector organizations are looking at the startup community for disruptive innovation. With the AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp, you can efficiently scale your startup and accelerate your journey in the public sector.


Startup Ramp

“With AWS in the picture, we have always been ultra-sure about two things—first, the belief in our systems performance and their uptime. We are assured that with AWS support, we will never disappoint our stakeholders. Second, the financial support we’ve received from AWS in the form of credits are hugely helping us as an early stage startup."

— Ashish Anand
Chief Executive Officer, and Founder

Explore membership options

The AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp program provides startups focused on public sector with resources to quickly get started on AWS, including AWS Promotional Credit and access to training and support. This global community of like-minded people and companies are solving complex public sector problems. Choose from two program levels: the innovator tier or the member tier. The innovator tier is for the earliest stage public sector startups. Once startups in the innovator tier have advanced their business and are working with customers, they can apply to become a member of the member tier. Use of AWS Promotional Credit are subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions.

Innovator Tier

This tier provides the earliest stage public sector startups with a seed investment of AWS Promotional Credit, business and technical resources, and exposure to a global public sector startup community to launch their company.

Member Tier

This tier helps public sector startup founders build and scale existing offerings. Members receive a wide array of business and technical support and exposure to a large community of public sector customers, investors, media, and fellow entrepreneurs.


Technical training

As an AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp member, you will have access to numerous technical training opportunities to support you in strengthening your AWS-based business. Resources include webcasts, technical training sessions, and industry expert-led presentations.

AWS Promotional Credit

AWS Promotional Credit may help cover costs associated with eligible AWS services. It is a short-term, finite tool that may fuel your long-term success. For more information about eligible AWS services, visit this webpage.

Access to the startup community

AWS has a robust public sector startup community. Get access to like-minded founders, investors, and customers to propel your startup.

Select marketing opportunities

There are a number of select collaborative marketing opportunities you can take advantage of as an AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp member. As you establish and grow your business, you have opportunities to participate in webinars, case studies, blog posts, sponsorships, and more.


Benefit from collaboration and conversation between experienced industry leaders and public sector startups. Providing opportunities for mentorship has a long tradition of success at AWS, and we want to extend that success to our AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp members.

Live or virtual events and networking

AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp live or virtual events bring members of the community together in an informative and social environment to foster networking and collaboration. Currently, the team hosts meetups, AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp Pitch Days, and receptions for community members. AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp provides many opportunities to network with investors, customers, mentors, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts from around the world.

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AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp is an AWS program designed to help its participants grow their public sector technology businesses. Participants may have access to many benefits, such as AWS Promotional Credit, select marketing opportunities, global thought leadership, and participation in live or virtual events. Please contact for information about how AWS collects and uses personal information. 

Organizations that wish to apply for participation in AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp must meet the application criteria described on the AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp application page. Government entities, including government-owned corporations and government-funded organizations, are not eligible to participate in AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp. Individual users of AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp must be from participant organizations and 18 years or older. 

Startups previously issued AWS Promotional Credit may not be eligible to receive additional AWS Promotional Credit.