AWS IoT Things Graph makes it easy to rapidly build IoT applications by connecting devices and web services from different vendors that speak different protocols. Using the visual editor in IoT Things Graph, you can wire together devices and web services as a series of steps called a flow. You then deploy the flow to AWS IoT Greengrass devices for local execution. You are charged for the number of times you deploy a flow to an IoT Greengrass device.

You are charged only when you deploy a new or updated flow to AWS IoT Greengrass devices. You can run flows on an IoT Greengrass device at no cost. A flow deployed to one AWS IoT Greengrass device is metered as one deployment.

There are separate charges for AWS IoT Greengrass. Please see the AWS IoT Greengrass pricing page for details. You are also charged separately for messages that your IoT Greengrass devices exchange with the cloud. You are billed at AWS IoT Core messaging rates. Please see the AWS IoT Core pricing page for details.

Pricing Details

Running flows at the edge

Region Price per Deployment
US East (Northern VA)
$0.0095 per deployment

Pricing Example

In this example, we explain how you are charged for an access control application that opens a turnstile and takes a photo each time a valid employee badge is scanned.

There are four things in the flow: a badge reader, an access control web service, a turnstile and a camera. There are three steps in the flow: validate a badge, open a turnstile, and take a picture. The flow is triggered when an employee scans a badge.

AWS IoT Things Graph Pricing

You deploy the AWS IoT Things Graph package of the above flow to 50 edge gateways running AWS IoT Greengrass at 50 locations. Your IoT Things Graph charges would be:

Number of deployments = 1 deployment/location * 50 locations = 50 deployments
Total deployment charges = 50 deployments * $0.0095/deployment = $0.475

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