Ayla Connected Home HVAC Solution

Improving Time-to-Market for HVAC Equipment Manufacturers


HVAC manufacturers want to bring new cloud connected equipment to market at a faster pace, but face challenges. It takes time to build the infrastructure for device connectivity, management, and security using in-house services. The creation of an intuitive consumer design is an iterative process. Consumers desire many interactive features, such as voice enablement. Ayla addresses these challenges, using a set of pre-built services, dashboards, and mobile applications that appliance makers can buy as a solution and launch their cloud connected appliances faster to market.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Ayla IoT has a pre-built, integrated, turnkey platform designed for the scale and performance needs of the HVAC industry. Today, the Ayla cloud platform manages over 1M HVAC units worldwide, with a growth rate of 100% year over year (YoY). Ayla’s key differentiator is the seamless support for ecosystem devices, including thermostats, fans, and locks to create value-added integration scenarios for energy management and home safety. In addition, Ayla provides out-of-the-box applications in the form of an analytics dashboard for HVAC that allows product or service personnel to easily monitor the device status, operational performance, and detect anomalies. 

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HVAC manufacturers can bring new connected equipment to market faster, with a lower total cost of ownership, with a platform they can buy and extend.

  • Rapid Time-to-market - Pre-built, turnkey platform services allows for 5X-10X faster concept-to-launch.
  • Flexible and Future-proof - Built on AWS IoT, with a flexible framework for extending to any device and data service.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Modular architecture, configuration-based approach enables low cost of management and servicing.


Endpoint Connectivity
Ayla provides a broad range of solutions for cellular, Wi-Fi, and BLE connected devices that allow business tradeoffs on development cost, time to market, and solution functionality. Their End Device Agents provide pre-built networking and security on pre-certified modules with options for additional firmware functionality and module portability.

Device Virtualization and Management
Monitor and manage device state and performance using digital twin modeling, rules and schedules, and over the air (OTA) firmware updates. Gain actionable insights from the device data, using analytics and machine learning easily accessible through mobile and web dashboards. Deploy with assurance through enterprise grade reliability, security, and privacy protections

Application Enablement
Ayla’s Mobile App Foundry provides the requisite software development kits (SDKs) to develop secure iOS or Android mobile apps for HVAC device status monitoring and operational control.