Ayla Supply Chain Asset Tracking Solution

Rapid connectivity and intelligence for supply chain asset tracking


Manufacturers, quick serve restaurants, and transportation companies can benefit from tracking the location of supply chain assets in transit between various plants as well as supplier and customer locations. Parts, products, partially finished goods, food, and other high value assets are required to travel through complex supply chains that often require transfers to different transportation systems and temporary storage during the journey. A holistic IoT-based track and trace solution can prevent the loss of these high value assets when in transit, avoid supply chain disruption, and optimize the dock loading/unloading schedule. The time it takes to build the infrastructure for device connectivity, management, and security is too long to build using in-house services. The building of both a web-based and mobile application experience is a complex process. Ayla addresses these challenges, using a set of pre-built services, dashboards, and mobile applications that enterprises can buy as a solution and deliver their track and trace solution to market faster.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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IoT based track and trace solutions need to connect to the cloud, so the solution can be managed remotely (such as lifecycle management of the tracker devices), and data from the tracking devices can be harnessed to optimize the supply chain (for example real-time tracking of assets as they are move through the supply chain). Ayla Track and Trace is a cloud-based IoT solution, delivered as a platform-as-a-service that enables manufacturers, quick service restaurants, and transportation companies to deploy supply chain based track and trace solutions. This includes a web-based and mobile applications, an administrator dashboard with all features needed to secure and control a fleet of tracker devices, and the foundational services needed to connect, secure, and manage a holistic supply chain tracking solution.

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Enterprises can deliver a comprehensive and holistic supply chain asset tracking solution to market faster, with a lower total cost of ownership with a platform they can buy and extend.

  • Rapid time-to-market - Pre-built, turnkey platform services allows for 5X-10X faster concept-to-launch.
  • Flexible and future-proof - Built on AWS IoT Platform, with a flexible framework for extending to any device and data services.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) - Modular architecture and configuration-based approach enables low cost of management and servicing.


Track and trace solutions for supply chain asset management
Leverage a wide range of track and trace solution approaches such as cellular-based trackers and RFID readers to deploy a comprehensive solution for all elements of a supply chain from manufacturing to final delivery

Manage and monitor track and trace solutions via an IoT platform
Users can monitor and manage device state and performance using digital twin modeling, rules and schedules, and over the air (OTA) firmware updates. With analytics and machine learning, users gain actionable insights from device data, that is easily accessible through mobile and web dashboards. Users can deploy with assurance through enterprise grade reliability, security, and privacy protections.

Ready to use enterprise applications
Web-based and mobile application for track real-time the movement and location of assets.