Cognizant Smart Building Solution

Insights and Intelligence for Real Estate Management


Leveraging digital connectivity and IoT is the way forward for buildings, yielding lower overhead, improved customer experience, and a better bottom-line. Facilities managers are looking for ways to address how buildings can further reduce their energy costs and increase operating efficiencies. Facilities management presents compelling opportunities to improve operational performance — with efficiency gains, energy cost-savings, and improved environmental conditions for workers and customers. That’s not all. For retailers and industries that need to protect inventory from damage, reduce spoilage, or monitor a widely disparate installed base of equipment such as vending machines or refrigerators, connectivity across the organization’s assets provides greater visibility and management control of risks.

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Version: 2.0
Last updated: 11/2022
Author: AWS 

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Cognizant Smart Buildings integrates the disparate systems, assets, and sensors present across your real estate to provide a unified transparent view of your portfolio. For powerful enterprise-wide insights, the solution integrates with your enterprise and workplace management systems to automate your real estate processes and reporting. The solution measures the performance of your facility using multiple KPIs to improve the efficiency and standardization across the portfolio. The Cognizant Smart Buildings solution can integrate with your building management system (BMS) and facility management system (FMS), along with key assets and specific sensors to provide real time insights and intelligence for engineers and facility managers for efficient, effective daily operations.

The Cognizant Advisory Services team can perform an initial assessment to understand the ecosystem, identify the gaps, provide the necessary interventions, and develop a roadmap for your transformation journey. Enabled by Cognizant’s OneFacility Solution Accelerator on AWS, the solution features can be rapidly deployed in your facilities to demonstrate target outcomes. The solution can then be scaled to realize these benefits across the portfolio.


Cognizant Smart Buildings offering transforms your real estate spaces to be efficient and green while enhancing human-space interaction. The intelligent and modular solution caters to the various stakeholder personas in your real estate and business functions.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency - Intelligent energy management with the ability to track real time energy consumption, forecast, and track efficiency targets.
  • Improve Space Utilization - Rationalize real estate portfolio with the ability to track real time space utilization and unlock insights to reengineer and optimize spaces.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency - Uncover new efficiencies with the ability to provide on-demand facility services, digital field services, and implement predictive maintenance of assets.
  • Improve your Grip on the Portfolio - Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and standardize processes and reporting to drive efficiency across your portfolio. Get real time data and insights to forecast and budget accurately.


Event-Driven Scalability
With buildings continually talking to us, the high rate of data ingestion is enabled by Amazon Kinesis, which processes and analyzes data in real-time at scale, providing timely insights such as alerts when thresholds are breached. Amazon Kinesis provides Cognizant Smart Buildings with the capability of processing building asset and sensor data in parallel. The serverless architecture of AWS Lambda helps organizations scale based on the workload and efficiently utilize compute resources. Together, Lambda and Kinesis enable an event-driven architecture that lets services automatically perform work in response to events triggered by publisher services.

ML Based Facility Performance Optimization
Powered by Amazon SageMaker, Cognizant’s Smart Buildings builds, trains, and deploys machine learning (ML) models for environment condition, asset maintenance, and energy management. Amazon Sagemaker offers a diverse set of algorithms and models to train and deploy in a simplified manner, per the contextual requirements of a facility. Cognizant Smart Buildings intelligently optimizes HVAC operating schedules and regulates the environmental conditions based on occupancy data, time of the day, and user preferences. Maintenance schedules of assets are reconfigured based on usage, eliminating unwarranted planned maintenance of assets.