Pega Digital Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

Optimizing Industry 4.0 Aftermarket Services


Machine, product, and vehicle downtime is never acceptable. The new generation of always connected consumers expect increasingly superior digital experiences. While today’s factories include wireless connectivity and sensors to visualize the entire production line, manufacturers still face serious challenges mining data to minimize or eliminate downtime at the first sign of trouble. As a result, while enterprises chase digital transformation, many Industry 4.0 initiatives are failing.

The seamless combination of AWS IoT with Pega Intelligent Automation provides manufacturers the most compelling digital transformation platform to keep machines and devices operating and vehicles on the road. The road to IoT success runs through Intelligent Automation.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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With Pega Intelligent Automation and AWS IoT, the core challenges of triggering and orchestrating aftermarket services such as warranty, maintenance, or parts return are addressed through pragmatic, end-to-end intelligent automation. These technologies make business transformation possible across the entire value chain of an industrial enterprise – from product development through the aftermarket phase of moving a product into obsolescence. Together, Pega’s low-code platform and AWS IoT services help manufacturers turn digital insights on machine health into instant action.

Data Ingest Path From OEM Platform

pega data ingest from OEM

Data Ingest Path from Vehicle

pega data ingest from vehicle


AWS IoT and Pega IA provides a compelling digital transformation platform to keep machines and devices operating and vehicles on the road.

  • Intelligent Automation - Leverage Pega Warranty to orchestrate and automate all aspects of the claims process and significantly reduce your warranty spend.
  • Automatic Maintenance Case Creation - Deploy Digital Prescriptive Maintenance to automatically create a maintenance case that drives business outcomes faster, improving visibility, productivity and collaboration across the value stream.
  • Financial Impact and Customer Experience - Aftersales generate 20% of revenue, and nearly 50% of profits for OEMs. Warranty claims impact OEM revenues by 3-4%. Manufacturers average among the lowest retention rates and return on retention at 67% and 71% respectively.
  • Digital Aftermarket Services - Pega provides digital aftermarket services for Warranty, Customer Service, and Field Service, while AWS IoT provides the foundation of data services, control and connectivity services, and device software.


Diagnose events before they happen
Digital Prescriptive Maintenance (DPM) proactively optimizes the cost and duty-cycle of devices and systems. The seamless combination of AWS IoT with Pega provides the most compelling digital transformation platform to keep machines and devices operating and vehicles on the road. In one unified environment, sensor data is captured and triaged, then combined with other event or reference information to recommend the right action and orchestrate the outcomes – enabling operations managers and engineers to prevent failures. Technicians can be proactively dispatched to make fixes before the customer is even aware of a problem.

Dynamic Case Management™
Dynamic Case Management maximizes the operational performance envelope by sensing conditions, analyzing, and prescribing the next best action for prevention or repair, and even issuing automatic updates of embedded software. Pega makes all the proper notifications and even manages exceptions and escalations. Users can restore uptime and address claims obligations in warranty that cross organizational silos.