Wipro Smart Condition Based Monitoring Solution

Asset agnostic and highly customizable condition-based monitoring


Wipro is an innovation-led cloud provider, helping enterprises in their digital journey. Customers face challenges across industries in monitoring condition of assets. Ageing machines and lack of operational insight lead to unscheduled downtime and loss of productivity. Leading challenges include a lack of asset visibility leading to underutilization and increased OPEX, a lack of insight on overall operations, leading to silos of operation and inefficiencies, and a lack of updates on asset condition resulting in shutdowns and productivity loss.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Wipro’s Condition Based Monitoring solution is an end-to-end, asset agnostic, highly customizable and scalable solution built to provide 24/7 asset visibility to ensure optimal asset utilization, better operational insights, and increase in overall efficiency. The solution leverages IoT and cloud technologies to provide real time insights on different assets types through a single interface. The solution could be leveraged to monitor multiple parameters like location, temperature, vibration, voltage, current, rpm, liquid level, environmental parameters, and more using suitable sensors.

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  • Increase Asset Utilization - Real-time location and status visibility across different sites increases asset utilization and availability.
  • Higher Productivity - Timely alerts and notifications help avoid machine downtime and improve productivity.
  • Better Operational Insights - Ability to monitor multiple assets involved in the overall operation provides better operational insights and efficiency.


Real Time Monitoring
Solution provides real-time data and insights, enabling human operators to remotely monitor and take prompt actions to avoid down time. Health parameters are collected from machines using relevant sensors and data is streamed through gateway to the AWS IoT to monitor the machines in real-time.

Asset Agnostic
The customizable solution can connect with different types of assets using different industry protocols.