Data Center Technician

I heard that Amazon was a great company to work for with many opportunities to grow and long term careers, so when I saw the position I knew this is the right opportunity for me to build on my skills and get into the IT field.
The experience, knowledge and skills. Through the program I acquired knowledge, hands on experience and skills that I don’t think I could have acquired anywhere else.

Yes and No, I knew what it was in simple terms as what you see in social media and news, but I had never worked or been in a real data center before this opportunity.

The program helped me get hands on experience, learn new things and develop my skills for contributing to the data center team. At the end of the program all my learnings helped me to become a full time Amazonian and contribute to the Infra ops team as a Data center technician.

Learn and be curious, don’t be afraid to ask questions and try new things, most of the knowledge and skills you will need will be taught once you start.

It is amazing! The people are friendly and highly skilled and it’s a Day1 culture; technology keeps evolving and it’s amazing to be a part of the team that is evolving and letting you grow.

The people I worked with was outstanding, they would always be available to explain and teach how things should be done and most importantly the team I work for have people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Favorite thing has to be spending time with my family, as for my hobbies they change regularly as I like learning and trying different things.