APN Spotlight: Blockchain Partners

Learn how APN Blockchain Partners build innovative solutions for AWS customers.

About Blockchain Partners

What is Blockchain on AWS?

APN Blockchain Partners provide validated solutions for implementing blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DLT) on AWS. They specialize in leveraging blockchain and DLT to provide transparency, efficiency, and security for multi-party processes and transaction automation.

Decentralization, immutability, and cryptography are at the heart of blockchain. APN Blockchain Partners have developed expertise in understanding how to properly set up governance, shared business logic, data store, and desired trust guarantees along with operational maintenance of these multi-party networks.

Blockchain Partner Videos

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Blockchain Partner Stories


Using the Kaleido blockchain platform on AWS, Greenfence Consumer helps partners like T-Mobile and Kroger launch digital marketing campaigns that result in 65 percent engagement rates.


To build its royalty ledger and to meet the stringent privacy and security needs of its stakeholders, GuildOne chose to execute a proof of concept using R3’s Corda on AWS.


Tradewind Markets believes there’s a better way to manage the ownership of gold by using blockchain's distributed ledger technology.Tradewind selected R3’s Corda platform due to its ability to isolate data, offer privacy, and provide a developer-friendly technology.


UnionBank turned to ConsenSys to build a blockchain solution that offers rural banks a new way of doing business to drive growth, sustainability, and increase banking access for its citizens. 


Farmobile uses blockchain technology to give farmers transparency and control over their data transactions with approved buyers. 


As a global IT service provider and consulting firm, Luxoft helps companies in highly regulated industries meet business challenges and drive innovation using advanced technologies.

Blockchain Partner Blog Posts


By Ale Flores, Global Segment Lead for Blockchain at AWS


By Lana Kalashnyk, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS and Peter Broadhurst, Head of Engineering at Kaleido


By Ailis Mone, Product Owner at PwC and Chris Clements, Delivery Lead at PwC


By Lana Kalashnyk, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS


By Tony Vattathil, Solutions Architect at AWS and Lana Kalashnyk, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

Blockchain Partner Quick Starts


Deploy an Amazon Managed Blockchain network on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.


Deploys Corda Enterprise, which uses smart contract and blockchain technology to reduce transaction and record-keeping costs.

Blockchain Partner Solutions on AWS Marketplace


BlockApps STRATO is a rapid deployment blockchain platform built for business networks.


Sextant Blockchain Platform
by Blockchain Technology Partners

Sextant is a management platform that brings the benefits of Hyperledger Sawtooth and DAML to businesses leveraging Amazon EKS, QLDB, and Aurora.


Kaleido offers a full-stack SaaS for creating, operating, and scaling enterprise blockchain solutions.

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