The partnership between AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner ZeroLight and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Audi with the ability to build once and deploy across multiple technology channels and business scenarios on an on-demand basis. Audi can unify online and offline engagements with rich customer experiences to enhance conversion, customer satisfaction, and final transaction value. The infrastructure has provided a connected customer journey, allowing the auto maker to tailor its offering to each individual customer in a scalable way.

ZeroLight uses a range of AWS technologies to deliver real-time 3D car configuration via the cloud. Core components of 2D/3D online services run on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), primarily for GPU G2 instances. Amazon Elastic BeanStalk is used in the management of GPU farms, while Amazon Cloud Formation allows deployments to be both repeatable and scalable. Image retention is handled through Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Users can securely and directly connect to dynamic GPU instances using Amazon’s DNS service (Route53). Amazon VPC securely separates systems, protecting assets, while Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon CloudTrail monitor the virtual infrastructure.

First deployed at CES 2018, the Audi connected customer journey shows first-hand how an integrated ecosystem can enhance the overall user experience. With a consumer-centric focus, the deployment satisfies and adapts to the preferences of each individual, allowing them to harness the latest technology to make an informed purchase decision.

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ZeroLight, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner, is an automotive visualization specialist, empowering brands to reach customers with compelling real-time 3D experiences, wherever they are. The company’s focus on reach, engagement and analytics drives personalization at scale throughout the customer journey, transforming both the buying experience and sales process.

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