Aviatrix Helps Customers Boost Network Visibility with AWS Networking Competency

Executive Summary

AWS Partner Aviatrix uses its AWS Networking Competency to help enterprises simplify cloud networking and increase cloud network visibility. The organization also leverages native AWS networking and security services such as Amazon GuardDuty to help customers enhance security and drive innovation.

Partner Success Story – Aviatrix

As enterprises increasingly move their on-premises application environments to the cloud, they sometimes struggle with networking challenges such as complexity, scalability, security, and operational control. Enter Aviatrix, a cloud networking software provider. Aviatrix provides a cloud network platform that delivers the advanced networking, security, and operational visibility services that enterprises require. Aviatrix also helps companies simplify migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and modernize their cloud connectivity. “It can be very complex for organizations moving to the cloud. While people may know networking, they don't necessarily know how it works in the cloud, and what some of the pitfalls are,” says Frank Cabri, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Aviatrix, a pioneer in enterprise cloud-defined networking. “Our AWS Networking Competency gives our customers confidence that they’re in the right hands and they’re working with a qualified partner that can get the job done.”

“Our AWS Networking Competency gives our customers confidence that they’re in the right hands and they’re working with a qualified partner that can get the job done.” 

- Frank Cabri, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Aviatrix

AWS Partner Aviatrix delivers a cloud networking platform that simplifies cloud networking, security, and operations for enterprise cloud deployments. The platform runs on AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and adds advanced networking capabilities on top of AWS networking services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) route tables and Gateway Load Balancer.“ Everything we do is about networking in the cloud, and AWS is the biggest cloud provider in the market,” says Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Product Marketing at Aviatrix. “By building on top of AWS and leveraging AWS native services, we’re helping enterprise customers meet their enterprise cloud networking requirements.”  In addition, Aviatrix offers the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) program, a multi-cloud networking certification and training program. More than 12,000 professionals have received this certification from Aviatrix by demonstrating a deep technical expertise in cloud networking technologies.

Earning Customer Trust through the AWS Networking Competency

To further enhance its capabilities, Aviatrix earned the AWS Networking Competency, which validates AWS partners that have demonstrated technical expertise in cloud networking. Stuhlmuller says, “Through the AWS Networking Competency, we have the expertise to help our customers seamlessly move to AWS.” Cabri adds that Aviatrix has also boosted customer confidence. “We earned the AWS Networking Competency through our validated designs and solution architectures, and that translates into customer trust and business growth for our company,” he says.

“By building on top of AWS and leveraging AWS native services, we’re helping enterprise customers meet their enterprise cloud networking requirements.”

- Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Product Marketing at Aviatrix

Simplifying Networking and Enabling Better Visibility

Aviatrix is using its AWS expertise to help customers simplify their networking environments and increase operational control over their cloud network infrastructure through Aviatrix advanced networking controls on AWS. For example, the organization’s software provides a common control and data plane that enables cloud automation, advanced transit networking, and security, as well as deep operational visibility and troubleshooting capabilities.


“We’re really trying to help networking professionals stay ahead of the business,” Cabri says. “It’s not enough for them to have an application environment ready in the cloud in six months—they’re being asked to have it ready in days. Our goal is to make that happen, through simplification and increased visibility into their entire cloud environment.” The company is also introducing new AWS services to enhance customer security. For instance, Aviatrix has integrated with Amazon GuardDuty, a threat detection service, to help customers protect their AWS workloads and data. “As AWS introduces new services, we consume those services and allow our customers to do so as well,” Cabri says. “Using Amazon GuardDuty allows customers to automatically identify malicious IPs. Combined with Amazon VPC Ingress services and Aviatrix’s advanced filtering capabilities, this helps customers improve their overall security posture.” 

Driving New Innovation on AWS

Aviatrix continues to expand its partnership with AWS while offering new solutions such as multiaccess edge computing (MEC), which enables cloud computing at the edge of public 5G cellular fixed and mobile and other networks, such as private LTE. “We see AWS expanding its services from the cloud back into the data center for new areas such as 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), and we are working with customers in those areas,” says Stuhlmuller. “We absolutely see MEC as the future direction for cloud network expansion, and we will continue to extend our platform on AWS to support it.” 


About the Partner

Based in Santa Clara, California, Aviatrix provides enterprise-class networking, security, and operations. An AWS Partner, Aviatrix offers a cloud network reference architecture used by more than 550 companies across the globe.

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Published July 2021