Broadpeak Launches New Video Streaming API SaaS Platform with Support from AWS SaaS Factory

Executive Summary

Working with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SaaS Factory Program, Broadpeak developed a secure streaming video platform as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution on AWS. With help from the program, Broadpeak was able to make informed business and technical decisions that allowed them to build an advanced solution and to accelerate time to market by months.

Partner Success Story – Broadpeak

Broadpeak, an AWS partner, is a leading provider of video streaming capabilities for content and network service providers, helping them satisfy customer expectations worldwide. In the ever-evolving video delivery industry, Broadpeak saw an opportunity to advance their platform with, a more compelling streaming experience for customers with an API video solution designed for flexibility and security.

To help build their solution, Broadpeak engaged with the AWS SaaS Factory Program, which helps AWS Partners build, migrate, or optimize SaaS solutions on AWS. Leveraging a SaaS delivery model, Broadpeak can provide broadcast quality and customization to anyone using the platform to support their streaming services, including smaller organizations that don’t have their own flexible IT infrastructures.

“The team of SaaS experts from AWS helped us rethink our business model and architectural design. They helped us to shape new strategies and plans that significantly improve the experience for our customers in the new SaaS model.”

- Mathias Guille, VP Cloud Platform, Broadpeak

Tackling the Challenges of Adopting a SaaS Business Model

The move to SaaS is a business decision that requires a lot of forethought and strategy. The way businesses deliver their solutions, operate, and engage with their customers will likely change in a new SaaS model. For Broadpeak, this meant switching from a single-delivery mindset to a service mindset.

AWS SaaS Factory was able to provide insight into how Broadpeak could adapt to think in terms of ongoing service delivery and to understand the changes required to be successful in that area.

“AWS SaaS Factory provided us business guidance on cultural and organizational transformation,” says Mathias Guille, VP Cloud Platform at Broadpeak. “For example, on how to add a SaaS business model and as-a-service mindset on top of our successful current methodology.”

AWS SaaS Factory helped Broadpeak use their existing detailed buyer/user personas to develop customer journey maps, identifying the possible customer touchpoints and optimizing those interactions to support increased retention and growth. And once the platform had launched, Broadpeak was able to incorporate user feedback into following iterations, allowing them to continue improving the customer experience.

Defining the Architectural Model That Enables SaaS Delivery

A successful transition to a SaaS environment is supported by a detailed set of requirements and an architectural model that follows them. Broadpeak worked with AWS SaaS Factory to better understand and navigate architectural considerations to support their business strategy and plans.

To deliver the quality of experience that Broadpeak strives for, adaptability, reduced latency, and being in the edge are key. To support this, runs data plane clusters in multiple regions to be as close as possible to its end users. Careful selection of AWS services, like Amazon Aurora Global Database and Amazon Route 53 latency-based routing, helped Broadpeak optimize routing and reduce time to market.

Broadpeak uses Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), which alleviates the need to run and manage a Kubernetes cluster, allowing teams to focus on their own application requirements.

The website also uses modern web application patterns: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) hosts static assets, while Amazon CloudFront edge caching and API calls to their services. Auth0, an AWS Partner solution, provides plug-and-play state-of-the-art authentication services to help secure their application while saving development time.

In addition, AWS Lambda, Route 53, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Athena support different activities on the platform. The pre-registration site is hosted on Amazon Lightsail, and is also fronted and cached by CloudFront.

“I considered the AWS SaaS Factory as an extension of my team, guiding us on any kind of challenges raised and helping to accelerate our time to market by months.”

- Mathias Guille, VP Cloud Platform, Broadpeak

A Multi-Tenant Solution Designed for Speed and Agility

For to exist as a fully multi-tenant solution, the team had to make choices around tenancy models and then develop strategies to ensure tenant isolation. Splitting up their data plane and control plane was a key decision that helped optimize content delivery while maintaining agility and keeping infrastructure costs under control.

AWS SaaS Factory provided support in this process with proofs of concept (POCs) and sample code, which combined with Broadpeak’s efforts to deliver a near-seamless onboarding experience for customers.

“I really believe data isolation was one of the challenges we had where the SaaS Factory team was super useful!” Says Mathias. “They helped us choose the right data partitioning strategy and the right services for it, to which we then applied a robust tenant isolation strategy based on SaaS Factory best practices and recommendations.”

Video Streaming Built With Customers in Mind

Broadpeak’s API video platform gives content providers of all sizes access to contextualized streaming and customization, enabling greater agility and faster innovation with more frequent self-service product upgrades for customers.

With expertise and insights from the AWS SaaS Factory Program, Broadpeak was able to accelerate the launch of this new service designed for simplicity, scalability, and ease of use. “AWS SaaS Factory put on a fast track.” Says Mathias. “It was an enabler and accelerator that helped us reach our MVP milestone on time. It allowed the team to step back at the right time, and helped open the horizon of possibilities.”

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About Broadpeak

Broadpeak is an AWS Partner with an AWS-qualified software offering. They are a leading provider of content delivery and video streaming solutions that helps content providers and pay-TV operators deliver an exceptional viewer experience with personalized and context-aware streaming.
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Published April 2022