Fusionex is a global, multinational IT Group, specializing in analytics, business intelligence and big data. Fusionex focuses on helping its clients manage, understand, and derive useful insights and value from data. The firm has been an APN Partner since 2012.

With offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Fusionex possesses a global customer base and needs to be able to scale to meet demand and reach customers effectively, regardless of a customer’s location. Prior to moving to the cloud, the company’s systems, solutions and data processing was by and large hosted on premise which not only prohibited the ability to scale quickly as the company grew, but also limited its expansion plans due to cost deterrence. “Our traditional on-premise architecture restricted our ability to scale quickly,” explains Nicholas Tan, Senior Solutions Manager at Fusionex. “Our business model and that proposed to our clients wasn’t as nimble and agile as it is now. Our sales cycles and deployment periods took at least 4–6 weeks, and our total cost of ownership (TCO) was higher. Our TCO not only included hardware and software costs but also professional services cost incurred where resources were used to setup the hardware and software.”

In addition to the scalability, global reach, and cost concerns in their previous environment, Fusionex also wanted to ensure that its team had confidence in the security practices, service uptime, and business and technical support resource availability of any provider with who they chose to engage. The firm began to evaluate new hosting options, and made the decision to move to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A number of factors contributed to Fusionex’s decision to use AWS and become an APN Partner, including the inherent scalability of the AWS platform, the global footprint of AWS, and the business and technical support available through AWS. “Our adoption of AWS was supported and made easier by a very helpful team of individuals at AWS,” says Tan. “AWS has provided our team with support by helping us understand AWS features and functionalities. We’ve had many sessions with AWS team members that have allowed them to understand our offerings, and to then propose the right approach to implement the offerings on AWS.” Additionally, the team was pleased with the AWS free tier that allowed them to use AWS at no cost on occasion, subject to compliance with certain terms and conditions. “This was one of the factors that made AWS our choice as a cloud provider. After we trialed the platform we immediately saw benefits, including a drastically reduced deployment time and a lower TCO,” says Nicholas.

Fusionex works with customers across various industries, one of which is in the travel and hospitality industry. Fusionex provides cloud enablement solutions on AWS in numerous areas including: hotel central reservations systems, loyalty management systems, and big data analytic engines. These solutions allow hoteliers to provide a global audience with information such as room availability, allowing them to reach out to targeted members with promotions and offers, and analyze customer data to better understand their customers and what they want and need.

Fusionex uses a number of AWS services to support the highly transactional workloads of its customers, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Load Balancing for hosting web applications on a mobile and non-mobile platform; Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) for business intelligence and big data research and development; Amazon Route 53 for DNS; and Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) for queues and notifications. The company also uses AWS CloudFormation and AWS OpsWorks for automation tasks.

As the company’s use of AWS became more integral to the services and solutions it offers to customers, Fusionex decided to become an APN Partner. “We started our relationship with AWS as a customer ourselves, and decided to become an APN Partner as we’ve observed that our relationship with AWS will only continue to deepen,” says Tan. As an APN Partner, Fusionex has participated in a number of AWS events, including AWS Summits and AWSome Day. “Through these events, we gained valuable knowledge from not only the AWS speakers, but from fellow APN Partners and customers alike,” says Tan.

Since moving to AWS, Fusionex’s speed to market has increased substantially, allowing the company to increase the rate at which it expands its offerings to customers. “In using AWS and working as an APN Partner, we’ve been able to expand our offerings and our speed to market has dramatically increased,” explains Tan. “We’ve been able to increase our speed to market by at least eight times by using AWS, thus edging many a competitor by sheer speed in terms of our offering.”

An additional benefit for the Fusionex team has been its ability to scale globally with AWS and onboard customers quickly. “On AWS, we’re able to scale our systems seamlessly to ensure that during peak periods, the system can manage the load and scale down automatically during off-peak periods. These periods are focused, for example, during school holidays and seasonal festivities when we see an increase in the number of bookings,” says Tan. “We can reach our global customer base more seamlessly, and have been able to onboard clients and our offering that they have adopted in a much quicker manner.” While in the past the team could typically onboard one customer every 4–6 weeks on average, on AWS the company onboards a customer every 3–5 days. “What this means is that monthly we would typically only onboard a single customer in the past, but today Fusionex is able to onboard minimally two to three customers a month. That is at least a 100 percent increase in productivity overall. AWS has exponentially increased not only our speed to market, but has reduced our customer wait time for onboarding which has increased our conversion rate substantially,” explains Tan.

Fusionex has also experienced a number of benefits working with the APN. “Our experience with the APN has been a pleasant one, from working with Partner Engagement teams all the way to business support. APN has provided us with the tools to improve our solutions as well as reduce our overall investment,” says Nicholas. “The main highlights are the supportive nature of the AWS and APN teams, from our account managers to the technical and billing teams we’ve engaged, along with our Partner Manager. Each and every team has contributed to our business, and helped us to become more agile, streamlined, and focused on helping to optimize our costs on AWS.” The company has also engaged with a number of APN Partners in the AWS ecosystem to enhance its product offering and increase its product reach.

“We’ve had an enlightening experience working as an APN Partner thus far, and the journey to continue to improve our solutions will continue on AWS,” says Tan. The Fusionex team has set its sights on growth, and plans to work with a number of AWS programs to support its objectives. 

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