Magic Beans Uses AWS to Help Goliaz Get Lean and Cut Monthly Costs by 30%

Executive Summary

To scale its business and better serve its users through AWS use optimiztion, the Portuguese fitness platform Goliaz relied on AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Magic Beans. By working together on improving security, performance and infrastructure internal experitse the fitness company cut IT cost by 30%. Now Goliaz's team can spend more time creating perzonalized fitness and nutrition plan for its users and less time worring about IT issues.

Teaming up with an AWS Partner to Scale the Business

Goliaz has made a science out of getting customers in shape. Eduardo Santos, Chief Executive Officer at Goliaz, founded the company in 2015 out of frustration with existing online fitness apps. “My idea was that sports is about passion. But it's much better if it's planned with math,” says Santos. “If I have data from you, I can create a customized workout that will get you fitter, faster.”

The formula worked and the app grew in popularity for a few years after its launch. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, user numbers surged and the platform couldn’t scale to meet the demand. Santos realized the company was overspending on compute resources. He knew he needed help managing the company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementation.

He turned to Magic Beans, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. “Goliaz was already an AWS customer but needed help in optimizing how they used the services,” says Daniel Almeida, Cloud Sales Manager at Magic Beans. “We started by looking at the pain points Goliaz identified—security, cost, performance, and a lack of internal expertise to manage its infrastructure.”

“With Magic Beans and AWS, we don’t have the stress we used to have. We’re getting better value for the money we spend and we can plan for the future.”

—Eduardo Santos, Chief Executive Officer, Goliaz

Optimizing AWS Reduces Total IT Costs by 30%

Goliaz has more than 300 workout videos and 100 audio entries of bodyweight, cross- and weight training, all in one app. Its users follow workouts and input their results into the app, which develops a digital personal trainer and creates weekly training plans and nutrition guidance. People use these to improve their physical and mental health.

As a one-man startup, Santos created the workout videos—including adding music and editing them—and managed a lot of the IT tasks. But when customer numbers rose during the pandemic, he sought advice from AWS Partner Magic Beans. “We couldn’t scale effectively and it was costing us money,” says Santos. “We were paying for services that we didn't need, and we didn’t have the skills to correct this.”

Magic Beans set to work getting Goliaz fit to take on the challenges it was facing. “We reviewed Goliaz’s infrastructure and defined areas where corrections were needed,” says Almeida. “The main points were in Elastic Beanstalk, which supports Goliaz’s production environment, and we focused on assuring that the scaling policies were correct, to guarantee proper response to demand.”

Optimizing how Goliaz used AWS Elastic Beanstalk, a service for deploying and scaling web applications and services, reduced the company’s total IT costs immediately. “Magic Beans was able to cut 30 percent off our monthly AWS spend by reviewing the infrastructure and helping us terminate services we didn’t need, reviewing utilization, and resizing the capacity we were using,” he says.

Partnership Prevents Problems Before They Become Emergencies

Given the wide range of apps available to fitness fans, reliability is essential to keeping Goliaz customers loyal to the brand. Before working with Magic Beans, however, the company’s services went down 3 times in 5 days when it launched a new version of its app. “Because it was the holiday season, we didn't have the manpower to sort the problem,” says Santos. “The users were patient, thankfully, but we wanted to provide better service than that.”

Working with Magic Beans has solved these reliability issues for Goliaz and Santos feels he can rely on the company to be there for whatever it needs. “With Magic Beans onboard, we can focus on the product and not on keeping our infrastructure running,” says Santos. “They’re very responsive, we have a good relationship, they have a history with us and understand us.”

Magic Beans aims to not only respond swiftly to any urgent matters, but also to deal with issues before they become a problem for Goliaz. “We are a very proactive partner,” he says. “Goliaz can open tickets and request support, of course, but we’re constantly monitoring their infrastructure. We are there to prevent problems arising. When problems do arise, we are available to address their concerns and resolve the issues. That’s the point of hiring experts.”

Goliaz is now launching version 3 of its fitness app, and Santos is confident about a bright future. “With Magic Beans, we don’t have the stress we used to have. We’re focusing on our new app, new videos, new products. We have more time to innovate,” he says. “We’re getting better value for the money we spend and we can plan for the future.”


About Goliaz

Goliaz is a fitness platform that has over 300 workouts and 100 audio files of bodyweight, cross- and weight training, all in one app. With the help of a virtual personal trainer that creates weekly training nutrition plans, users can workout at home and improve their physical and mental health. Launched in 2015, Goliaz has grown a community of users globally and is especially popular in the DACH region.

About Magic Beans

Cloud adoption goes beyond technical deployment. Magic Beans helps customers setting the cloud journey strategy, planning, and implementation with the change management programs needed to support the business transformation. Magic Beans helps companies accelerate innovation and create more business impact with lower cost than ever before in a clear, governed, and secure way.

Published June 2022